Can Games Have the Same Name?

In a world where video games have become a significant part of our culture, one might wonder if there are any limitations when it comes to naming them. Can two or more games share the same title, or is each title meant to be unique? This article delves into the intriguing world of video game naming conventions, exploring whether games can indeed have the same name.

The Significance of a Game’s Title

Why Game Titles Matter

The title of a video game plays a crucial role in its marketing, branding, and overall identity. It serves as the first point of contact between the game and potential players. A compelling title can generate curiosity and excitement, making it an essential aspect of a game’s success.

The Impact of Unique Titles

Uniqueness in a game’s title can help distinguish it from the vast sea of other games in the market. This distinctiveness aids in preventing confusion among gamers and allows each game to build its individual fan base.

Legal Considerations

Trademark Protection

Video game titles can be protected under trademark law, just like any other product or brand name. This protection is designed to prevent consumer confusion and protect the intellectual property rights of game developers.

Challenges of Trademarked Titles

When a game title is trademarked, it becomes challenging for other game developers to use the same name without facing legal consequences. This can lead to disputes and potentially force developers to change their game’s title.

When Games Share Titles

Franchise Titles

In some cases, game series or franchises may use the same title for different installments. This is often seen in long-running series where each game offers a new storyline or gameplay experience but retains the original title for brand recognition.

Differentiation Through Subtitles

To avoid confusion, games within a franchise often use subtitles or numbers to differentiate themselves from one another. For example, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is part of the larger “Elder Scrolls” series.

The Role of Genre

Genre-Based Similarities

Games in the same genre might unintentionally end up with similar titles. For example, there could be multiple role-playing games (RPGs) with titles like “Realm of Magic” or “Epic Quest.” This occurs because certain words and phrases are commonly associated with specific genres.

Balancing Uniqueness and Genre Expectations

Game developers must strike a balance between creating a title that fits the genre and ensuring it stands out from the competition. This can be a challenging task, as gamers often look for genre-specific cues in a game’s title.

Gamer Perspective

Impact on Players

From a gamer’s perspective, having multiple games with the same title can be confusing. It can lead to accidental purchases of the wrong game or frustration when searching for specific titles in online stores.

The Power of Word of Mouth

Gamers often rely on recommendations from friends and online communities to discover new games. Similar titles can make it difficult for players to convey their preferences clearly.


In the world of video games, the question of whether games can have the same name is a complex one. While legal protections exist to prevent direct title duplication, there are instances where games share titles within franchises or due to genre conventions. Striking a balance between uniqueness and genre expectations is crucial for developers, and gamers must adapt to the occasional title similarities in the gaming world.

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1. Can two different games legally have the same title?

No, two different games cannot legally have the same title if one has a trademark for that title. Trademark protection prevents such duplication.

2. Are there any famous examples of games with the same title?

Yes, there are instances where games within a franchise share the same title, but they often use subtitles or numbers for differentiation.

3. How do gamers deal with games that share titles?

Gamers often rely on context, recommendations, and genre-specific cues to differentiate between games with similar titles.

4. Can game developers trademark common words as titles?

It’s challenging to trademark common words as titles unless they have a unique association with the specific game or brand.

5. Is it common for games in the same genre to have similar titles?

Yes, games in the same genre may unintentionally end up with similar titles due to genre-specific words and phrases.

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