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200 jobs at the Polish engineering center Evolution

200 jobs at the Polish engineering center Evolution

The Evolution company opens its engineering center in Warsaw, thus creating 200 new jobs for specialists in online games and more.

Global developer and supplier of online gaming software – Evolution – is entering Poland. In Warsaw, it opens its engineering center, which is its 10th such facility in the world, in which it will create 200 new jobs. The Swedish company, which has been operating for 15 years and has been operating internationally, has branches in more than 20 locations around the globe. It employs over 12,000 employees, including over 1,000 programmers. The opening of the engineering center is scheduled for next year.

In response to the growing demand for Evolution products around the world, the company is expanding its network of technology centers.

The one in Warsaw will focus on back-end solutions that support the entire product portfolio of the company and will create 200 new jobs in it. The Evolution technological stack, i.e. the technologies used by the company, are mainly TypeScript js in the frontend layer and Scala / Akka in the backend layer.

Poland is known for its highly qualified staff of programmers working at Scala and an active community of software engineers. We are excited to be part of this community and hire more talented team members who want to break the boundaries in game design with us, while contributing to the local Scala scene with our current experience and knowledge – Anastasia Priede, Head of Engineering Departments and Global Growth at Evolution.

Recruitment is already underway

The opening of the office is scheduled for 2022. The company has already started recruiting employees – first of all, experienced software engineers with knowledge of Scala, JavaScript and Data are being sought. Evolution also offers bootcamps, i.e. preparatory programming courses – at Scala (starting January 2022) and TypeScript. They are free, and the best students can count on employment in the company and the support of an experienced employee in further skills development.

Check current job offers from Evolution in Poland.

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source: Evolution