Jamauci Kazunori, who puppets over the Gran Turismo series, said he did not think the future was higher resolution.

  • Jamaun Kazunori was asked what the nextgen consoles have in store
  • According to Gran Turismo’s parent, 4K resolution is enough
  • He prefers to look at the higher framerate

Thanks to long-term support, Gran Turismo Sport’s player base has now grown to over 8 million on PS4, but it’s no secret that Polyphony Digital is already focusing on PS5. The father of the series, Jamaunsi Kazunori, was recently asked at a roundtable discussion what the next console generation could bring, to which he gave an interesting answer.

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According to Jamaucsi, the progress will not be reflected primarily in the resolution: even though the PS5 will be capable of up to 8K on paper, he will be satisfied with 4K as well. The framerate excites your imagination much more.

“Instead of resolution, I’m much more interested in the possibility of advancing in terms of framerate. Instead of staying at 60fps, I’d like us to reach 120fps or even 240fps. I think that’s what’s going to change in the future. experience, “he said.

Polyphony Digital has always pushed the performance limits of consoles with Gran Turismo games: GT Sport is also one of the few titles on the PS4 that keeps a stable 60fps at near 4K resolution, so it makes sense that they want to be pioneers on the PS5 as well. .

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