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5 games to have fun with friends on the same device

5 games to have fun with friends on the same device

The wait in the pizzeria becomes exaggerated, the topics to talk about are about to end, and boredom begins to emerge from its cocoon, ready to hoard innocent victims. How to fix it? Simple: by playing one of these five titles which can be savored in more players on one device.


It is a popular one one-button game where reflections play the dominant role. The game, however, remains very accessible: you stop to fly a small creature along environments full of dangers and traps. Multiply this formula by four if you want to play it with three other friends: fun is guaranteed.

Chain Reaction

In this sort of board game, the participants take turns placing one ball in one of the many cells that make up the grid. Once the cell has reached the maximum capacity of spheres (four to be precise), it explodes and infects the surrounding cells. The purpose of Chain Reaction is therefore to take control of the game grid by eliminating the opponent’s balls. Simple, strategic and, think about it, you can even play two to eight players.

UFB 2 – Ultra Fighting Bros

Its developers call it the best fighting game of all time: against all odds, there is some truth to this overblown claim. In fact, if you want to play a simple but competitive fight title, UFB 2 is unrivaled. It’s all about the tap: you have to touch the device at the right time to grab the opponent before he does the same with us. It is a matter of very short moments… but a lot intense.

King of Opera

Believe you are the tenor funniest ever? Well, you don’t have to prove it. Your only goal is to knock the other attendees off the stage. Literally speaking, of course. King of Opera is a colorful party game suitable for everyone, which with its well-kept graphics draws young and old into this very fun four-player party. Absolutely to try.


We conclude with the game definitely more refined among the five listed: the goal is to cast OLO, colored discs of varying sizes, in your control area to earn points. The peculiarity lies in the fact that each participant can make throws to move the opponent’s discs from the board in order to reduce his points. In addition to two or four player multiplayer on the same device, there is even one online mode.