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A compilation of the amazing Indie Games for smartphones and tablets

A compilation of the amazing Indie Games for smartphones and tablets

Original indie games that will keep you hooked for hours. We have selected the 10 most interesting productions for you.

Indie Games are independent games that were created by a small team or one person without the financial support of a game publisher. Independent games are usually characterized by innovative gameplay and are distributed through digital distribution. The indie gaming market has grown in recent years, mainly thanks to new online distribution methods and development tools. Wikipedia

Do you like mysterious climates, puzzles and non-standard gameplay or original graphics? See which of the following games, developed by an independent studio, you like the most.


Unmechanical is an atmospheric, adventure and logical game created by the independent studio Teotl Studios. In the game, we play the role of a small helicopter that is trapped in a mysterious world resembling the interior of a mechanical-organic creature. In order to free ourselves from this dark and mysterious place, we have to solve about 30 logical, memory and dexterity puzzles. As the game progresses, the difficulty level increases, becoming a real treat for puzzle fans. Moving a helicopter robot is intuitive and the next tasks are given in a clear way. It is a pity that it takes only 3-4 hours to complete the game, which leaves you somewhat unsatisfied after completing all levels. Unmechanical impresses with an amazing atmosphere that combines 2-dimensional gameplay with 3D graphics based on Unreal Engine 3. Everything is complemented by a soundtrack that intensifies the atmosphere of mystery. The game is available for iOS devices for 2.69 euros, but it’s worth following the frequent discounts.

rating: 8.5 / 10

See the trailer below and see for yourself:

World of Goo

Produced and released in 2008 by 2D Boy studio. The creators of the game are former employees of Electronic Arts, Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, who, after creating Tower of Goo and Tower of Goo: Unlimited, decided to release the full game. World of Goo amazing puzzle game. At each level, the player is given a certain number of balls called Snots. Use them in such a way as to reach the pneumatic tube and save enough of them. Depending on the type of glutes, they connect with each other with the help of legs, creating a compact structure. When playing World of Goo, you need to remember about various laws of physics, such as the law of universal gravity. If the structure is too high, without keeping any proportions, it collapses. The game is divided into 4 chapters and an epilogue. Each chapter contains several levels. It also includes a special level (World Glut Corporation) where you can create the largest tower a player can build and connect to the internet to compare this tower with other players’ structures. Wikipedia: Worlg of Goo
The game is payable and the version for the iPad will cost us 4.49 euros, and under android we can play for 9.50 zlotys.

rating: 8.5 / 10


This is one of my favorite games in this category. Awarded many times and appreciated by players all over the world. Created by the Czech studio Amanita Design, known for such hits as Samorost or Botanicula. Machinarium is a classic, 2-dimensional point & click adventure game characterized by excellent graphics and romantic music, composed by Tomáš Dvořák (Floex). In Machinarium, we move to a strange world, full of industrial buildings, machines and robots. All graphics are hand-drawn, well-polished and thoughtful. The main character we control is also a robot. Our goal is to prevent the destruction of the city by members of the Black Cap Brotherhood and to find the beloved robot. To go further, we have to find and properly use hidden objects, solve puzzles or show dexterity. The game is entertaining for approximately 7 hours. Throughout the game, there is no question of boredom, and all subsequent tasks are presented with unique animations that please the eye and sometimes surprise. It is impossible to avoid this item due to its unique nature and workmanship. We will pay for the game from 4.49 euros for the iPad to 15 zlotys for tablets with Android. It is worth following the discounts, because you can buy it for 1.79 euro!

rating: 9/10

The Tiny Bang Stories

The Tiny Bang Stories is, unlike previous productions, an optimistic and colorful game produced by Colibri Games. The item is clearly inspired by the achievements of Amanita Design, and the solutions used in it are deceptively similar to those known to us from Machinarium. Our task is to help the inhabitants of the planet Tiny to restore the damage caused by the asteroid impact. We solve numerous logical puzzles and repair machines and mechanisms that have been destroyed.

Beautiful and colorful hand-drawn graphics definitely please the eye. The picture is completed with music created by the independent Russian studio Strategic Music. The game is available on tablets for 2.99 euro on iOS and 9.75 PLN on Android. We can also download and play a free demo before buying the full version.

rating: 8/10

See what the world of Tina looks like and what we can expect in it:


Limbo is a two-dimensional platform puzzle game that won the hearts of many players with its amazing atmosphere, simplicity and interesting physics. Produced by the Danish studio Playdead, it stands out from other games with its unusual mechanics and workmanship. In the game, we play the main character, a boy named LIMBO, who is looking for his missing sister. By controlling its movements, we travel through a black and white and surprising world full of puzzles and dangers. The dark picture hides many traps: snares on the forest floor or giant spiders and worms that will try to kill the boy or will nest in his brain and force him to move in one direction until they are destroyed. We described the game on our website right after its premiere for the iPad (Limbo available in the App Store on July 5, 2013). So far, it is only available on the iPad for 4.99 euro. Users raised some concerns about the application, but the studio reacted quickly and corrected the bugs.

rating: 7.5 / 10

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is a retro adventure game. Originally created only for iOs, where it was a great success, now also available for Android, PC and Mac. This year, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the App Store, it could be downloaded for free, which we wrote about in the article: A special section on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the App Store. The aim of the game is to find clues to help you solve puzzles. Most of the puzzles are simple, which may not appeal to more demanding players, but from time to time, while exploring the world, we will also face combat. It only takes a few hours to complete the adventure, but it takes more time to discover everything. The graphics are full of spliced, atmospheric locations that delight with their workmanship and great atmosphere. During our adventures, we are accompanied by brilliant music composed by Jim Guthrie.

rating: 7/10


Badland is a logical platformer by the Finnish, two-person studio Frogmind, winner of this year’s Apple Design Award. In Badland, we are a shaggy creature, sometimes several at once. The goal of the game is simple, avoid getting killed by completing various tasks along the way and avoiding obstacles. The mechanics of the game are simple and interesting at the same time, the character can take off, roll like a ball, and the controls are very intuitive. We have 40 different boards at our disposal, each one different and surprising. During the game, we have to remove obstacles: leaves and boulders, and discover hidden passages, avoiding the constantly exploding bombs. The downside of the game is the limited number of levels, but the developers are announcing free updates with new boards. And fortunately, because the game has a fantastic audiovisual setting, maintained in dark and very colorful climates. For fans of competition, there is also a multiplayer mode (up to 4 people). The one who reaches the finish line the fastest, with the most hairy brothers wins. See if it’s worth spending 3.59 euro on the App Store.

rating: 9/10


Incoboto is the work of a one-man Fluttermind studio. The creator is Dane Carter, who worked on Fable, and on Incoboto he was inspired by games such as Portal and Ico. The protagonist of the game is the boy Inco, who was probably the only survivor of the cataclysm, who was related to the activities of the Corporation. The protagonist wanders alone on the surviving planets. He befriends a sun named Helios, who lights his way in exchange for the stars that Inco supplies him. Helios helps the boy to solve puzzles by activating various machines. The purpose of the journey is to bring the rest of the sun back to life. We can download the game on the iPad for 3.59 euro.

rating: 7/10

See what Incoboto looks like in action:

Bless you

Gesundheit was released by Revolutionary Concepts studio. In the game, we play the role of a pig who has to save the town from green fur monsters. Each level is a separate board in the form of a maze, on which our hero lures monsters into traps with his… green secretion. We have to be smart and plan the game so that the monsters do not get us. Each next board is more difficult, the street layouts are more complicated, there are also new objects and tools (buttons, teleports, slides), and more and more monsters to drive into deadly jaws. The game is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad for 1.79 euros. The game will provide you with a few hours of fun, delighting the eye with a great line, in hand-made graphics, and thanks to the perverse soundtrack.

rating: 7.5 / 10

Bee Leader

Bee Leader is a game from the New Zealand studio Flightless. Jet is a simple, free arcade game for iPad and iPhone. In the game we control a bee whose task is to help the bees fill their hive with honey. We have to watch out for bad weather, obstacles and enemies to collect nectar before sunset. Each available world in the game has different graphics, flowers, obstacles, but the mechanics and goal of the game are one. We collect various bonuses in the game, and we encounter numerous surprises along the way. We can control the bee using various methods (joystick, touch, movement), as well as using another device under the control of iOS via WiFi or Bluetooth. As in other independent productions, we are accompanied by excellent graphics and music.

rating: 7/10