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A home speaker with a soul – new from Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul

A home speaker with a soul – new from Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul

K.The Crab’s autumn oil premiere, the Soul wireless speaker, is a device designed for home use. The Dutch brand is known for the fact that, along with the high quality of the reproduced sound, it also cares about the unique design and colors of the devices. How does Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul differ from speakers from the well-known Rockbox Bold line?

The idea behind the designers of the new Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul loudspeaker was to create a device that combines elegance and excellent sound quality, which will allow it to fit well into the decor of any room. A standing structure and an inclination of 12 degrees, a well-thought-out color palette and attention to design – all this makes the device suitable for every home. And as the equipment is fully mobile, it can accompany us both when working remotely in the living room, enable evening relaxation in the bedroom or bathroom, or make the time spent in the kitchen or garage pleasant.

Sound at an angle

The Soul speaker can play music for up to 15 hours, and we need about 2.5 hours to fully charge it. The set includes a charging cable (USB-C) and an audio cable (3.5 mm). Thanks to its compact dimensions – 170 x 169 x 86 mm – it will be easy to find a place on a shelf, chest of drawers or on a table. The distinguishing feature of the Soul is its high efficiency, ensuring transparent sound and deep bass, and the latter due to the built-in large bass driver. Importantly, the equipment does not lose its resonance even at a low volume level and then we can also enjoy a pleasant melody in the background. Its design and interesting upright structure are also noteworthy. The 12-degree (up) tilt angle makes the sound travel perfectly through the room and directly to the ears of the listener.

Functionality for six

Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul has a built-in microphone that allows you to make calls through the loudspeaker instead of the phone. For people who want to get the highest sound effects or often organize home parties – it is worth knowing that by connecting two Soul speakers via Bluetooth via the Double Fun Mode, we can get the option of listening in stereo. What if the device is splashed with water? The good news is: Soul, like other loudspeakers from the Dutch manufacturer, has a waterproof rating – in this case IPX5. So a spilled drink, getting a device left on the balcony wet by rain or splashing water on the speaker in the bathroom are not a problem for Soul. Water resistance also makes it easier to keep the device clean, and in the event of dirt – water does not scare it.

The magic of colors

The Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul device is made of the best materials. The rounded edges have a metallic finish and the “sandwich” fabric combined with an attractive design gives the speaker a modern character. And finally, the trademark of the brand – unique colors. In the case of Soula, there are seven shades that perfectly match the trends in interior design – Silky Sand (golden sand), Storm Gray (dark gray), Dried Green (faded green), Safari Red (red and orange), Brave Bronze (brown ), Deep Mauve (cherry red), Dive Blue (cool blue).

Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul will be available for purchase in the best Polish electronics stores in mid-December 2021. The price is approx. PLN 599. More information at https://www.freshnrebel.com

A home speaker with a soul – new from Fresh ‘n Rebel Soul