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A new revolution in connectors. USB 4 of 2020

A new revolution in connectors. USB 4 of 2020

USB 4 has all the technical details in place, which means that it is very close to its introduction to devices. What exactly will it offer?

USB 4: is it worth the wait?

It is certainly a pleasure that USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) has succeeded in announcing the complete technical specification of the new connector standard. USB 4 is based on Thunderbolt 3 technology. Of course, the corresponding license was ordered from Intel, which was provided free of charge to the USB Promoter Group. They include companies like Apple, HP, Intel, Microsot, and Texas Instrument. Thanks to this, it will provide a bandwidth of around 40 Gbps and at the same time it will be distinguished by the compatibility with previous versions of ports C. In my opinion, it deserves praise. Also, naming simplifications are announced and we can expect a new logo.

USB 4 enables simultaneous operation of multiple data sources and multiple monitors. It’s worth adding that it will also be great for connecting external graphics cards, which can have a significant impact on the future development of laptops. You can definitely see the possibility of using this port on absolutely all devices.

Everything will continue to use a symmetrical Type-C connector and will be compatible with: USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3. In my opinion, this port will effectively help to unify the market in terms of cables needed for the device. . I think any user would be satisfied with such a situation, because any experiment brings more problems than benefits.

We should see the first products with USB 4 as early as 2020. It is especially interesting when we meet the first smartphone with this port. In my opinion, it will definitely move phones closer to becoming a truly multifunctional device that, when connected to a monitor, will become a full-fledged computer. I mean something similar to the current Samsung Dex.

To all this, however, it is convenient to add the other models. Certainly, in more expensive computers, manufacturers will quickly move to a new standard, which promises to be a big step forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was the first to introduce you to the new Macbooks.

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Slow and gradual implementation

I hope that the most important players in the market will focus on the rapid implementation of a new connector for their products. It will be especially interesting how long it will take companies to implement it on their phones. Currently, many of them even use microUSB 2.0, so USB 4 is still a long way off. Yes, in some cases it will be difficult to count on a big difference in user experience, but I am of the opinion that manufacturers should focus on such novelties.

Laptops are sure to be the first to enjoy the new port. I’m curious if the USB 4 will quickly make its way to cheaper computers as well. Thunderbolt 3 itself is great technology and it’s good that it was chosen as the basis for the new standard. We will see how the peripheral sector for these devices will dynamically develop.

source: Gizmochina