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A revolutionary battery from Huawei. Is this the moment?

A revolutionary battery from Huawei. Is this the moment?

Huawei’s battery, which was recently announced, will mark a new chapter in the industry. The only question is how long will we have to wait.

Huawei Lithium Silicon Battery

The new link even has a separate conference. Definitely all similar events bring together a lot of interested people, so it’s no wonder they decided to take that step. The most important novelty in the Chinese giant’s batteries is the abandonment of graphite anodes in favor of lithium-silicon, which, however, has already appeared in several projects of universities and small manufacturers.

Simply put, this change allows you to improve battery efficiency and make it last longer. For all this, it should work better with fast charging systems. It was not without reason that it was said that just as multitouch has changed the interaction with touchscreens, its patented ultra-fast loading will change in the same way when it comes to users’ focus on working time. In addition, it is about freeing them from nomophobia, that is, from the fear of losing access to the telephone. Fun translations. It is better to mention here that your solution is based on low voltage and high current, which is contrary to most of those currently used.

Revolution for what time?

Even in the case of Huawei, we are not talking about the first project of its kind. As early as 2016, they had a cell with the addition of graphene, which could operate at very high temperatures and offered twice the capacity of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

It is a pity that we still do not find anything similar in any available series model. For now, it’s a bit of a place to show off your possibilities. Everyone shows that they can do better and running out of batteries is a problem for which they have a solution. How much longer will we have to wait for a real revolution to take place? Even recently, Huawei hasn’t revealed it. It seems to me that we need a decade for a similar advance.

source: Gizmochina