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A revolutionary battery with twice the capacity!

A revolutionary battery with twice the capacity!

Soon our devices can run twice as fast thanks to the revolutionary battery from Sakti3.

Nothing gadgets enjoy more than the sight of a fully charged battery. Today’s mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, and even smartwatches, are technologically powerful devices that, despite their small size, need a lot of energy.

Battery life is one of the most criticized aspects of modern mobile devices. However, that could change soon, thanks to Sakti3, a collaboration between the University of Michigan. Scientists have developed a new type of SSD battery that can store twice as much energy as traditional lithium batteries!

– The Sakti3 has achieved significant performance gains that current batteries cannot match, said Dyson founder James Dyson for The Guardian. Dyson has invested $ 15 million in developing this technology, which will make our smartphones last longer.

The technology to be commercialized by Dyson will enable companies like Apple to design great and small devices with long-lasting battery life.

The Sakti3 technology uses solid lithium electrodes instead of a liquid mixture of chemicals, resulting in a battery capable of doubling the amount of energy it stores – that is, as much as the best lithium-ion batteries cannot hold!


The new technology is not reserved only for smartphones or smart watches, but even for electric cars, which in 2020 may become a reality.

However, before the miraculous batteries will power our devices, we have to deal with frequent charging, for now, see how to deal with this problem:

source: Cult of Mac – Revolutionary new mobile battery delivers double the juice