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A rock star event, Audi on an ego tour and a blue and black dress .. or is it?

A rock star event, Audi on an ego tour and a blue and black dress .. or is it?

The online marketing rock stars raged over Hamburg, Audi sprayed a little arrogance with a new spot, while C&A and dm offer the best price-performance ratio and Springer wants to merge with Holtzbrinck. And then there was another story about a dress ..

The event of the week: Online Marketing Rockars

The Online Marketing Rockstars event was again a great success this year. A total of 6,000 participants took part, 3,500 at the Expo, 2,500 at the conference.

The organization team around Philipp Westermeyer comes up with new things every year. This year there was popcorn, hot dogs and currywurst to match the rock’n’roll lecture in a theater atmosphere, along with greats like Evan Sharp from Pinterest, Gary Vaynerchuck who runs the largest online wine shop, and Lovoo founder Benjamin Bak. And musically, the online marketing rock stars left nothing to be desired. Actually, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson was supposed to deliver the final concert. He had to cancel for health reasons. So the guys from Deichkind and Bo gave a lot of gas.

The makers of the innovative fair are known for such extravaganzas, having launched a similar show caliber with Jan Delay last year – for the “rock stars” such highlights are a natural part of the brand building of the still young scene get-together in the industry. This takes a lot of courage, because even the top international speakers can only be lured to Germany with large sums of money. And the afterparty in Übel & Hazardous is actually legendary after five years. The marketing fair flagship dmexco, which has not been caught up to now, has had interesting competition “from below” here. If you want to read everything in detail: The editorial team of 11 Freunde wrote a live ticker for the event, which can still be read online.

The brands of the week: C&A, dm and Samsung

The market research institute YouGov measures the global image of brands on a daily basis. As far as the price-performance ratio is concerned, according to Handelsblatt, C&A, dm-drogerie markt Deutschland and Samsung, among others, performed best over the course of the year. in the Fashion trade The brands C&A (+46), H&M (+27) and Bonprix (+21) occupy places one to three. Samsung, one of the brands with the best price-performance ratio ever, clearly wins the race with +42 points in its own category consumer electronics. Medion (+24) and LG (+23) take second and third place. The brands dm (+52) and Rossmann (+42), which are traditionally strong in other rating rankings, are also confirmed by consumers as having a strong price-performance ratio. You win the category ahead of Amazon (+39) retail trade. With its own brand Balea (+45), dm ranks in the category Care and cosmetics a second first place.

The ego boost of the week: Audi and its service spot

Audi is sending a campaign on air, the centerpiece of which is an opulent advertising film. Thjnk Berlin made the film. According to the agency, this is the largest service campaign in the company’s history – but with a bitter aftertaste for small workshops.

thjnk – Audi Service (EN) from thjnk on Vimeo.

The question that arises: Why is Audi investing so much money and energy in a service campaign? For Thjnk consultant Hendrik Heine it is clear that the after-sales area is wrongly neglected by many automobile manufacturers. After all, a considerable part of the turnover is generated here. So Audi pays a lot of money to focus on its own service. The message is clear: “So that your Audi doesn’t fall into the wrong hands”.

But whose hands are they? Mechanics, technicians and vehicle mechatronics technicians are represented here as oil-smeared bullies – whose workshops are usually sloppy, smelly and not really well attended. Read more about the comment here.

The wedding of the week: Springer and Holtzbrinck

A new global media giant in the science segment is emerging. The Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and BC Partners have agreed to merge further parts of Macmillan Science and Education with Springer Science + Business Media. Holtzbrinck retains a majority of 53 percent in the new company, which simply added up to sales of around 1.5 billion euros.

The aim of the merger is to create a leading global publishing house for science and educational media, reports meedia. The publishing houses brought into the joint venture would ideally complement each other, according to a press release: “Both with a view to titles and products (magazines, books, databases and technological services) and the service-oriented handling of all information needs of its customers be it authors, academic institutions, research departments or individual users ”. The managers involved do not want to reveal the exact organizational structure of the new mega publishing house until the antitrust authorities have approved the joint venture.

The buzz of the week: a blue, black, gold and white dress

An image of a dress divides Internet users into two groups: for some, the dress is white and gold, for others it is blue and black. Who is right? The Handelsblatt got to the bottom of the matter. The excitement was triggered by a photo on the blog platform Tumblr, with which the Internet was asked for help with color determination. The US magazine “Wired” has already obtained a solution for the phenomenon from experts. The reason is the way the brain corrects color in daylight, explained neuroscientist Bevil Conway. The original photo has been viewed more than 73 million times since then. On Twitter, 11 million people wrote what color they see. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry also speak out.

As with other internet sensations, companies also tried to jump on the bandwagon. “Definitely black and blue,” tweeted a car company about a corresponding photo of its sports car.