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A smaller iPhone in 2015?

A smaller iPhone in 2015?

According to recent reports, Apple is to stop the production of a cheaper iPhone next year, the sale of which has not met the expectations of the Californian company since its premiere. After two years, the plastic version of the device marked as 5C will disappear forever. However, as it turns out, it is quite likely that another product with a similar purpose will appear in place of this smartphone.

This information is provided by MacRumors, which believes that in 2015 Apple will launch a 4-inch and cheaper version of the iPhone, which would complement the portfolio with a more practical one-handed model.

The current versions of the smartphone with a display measuring 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively, allegedly do not meet the expectations of all consumers. Some of them are die-hard supporters of smaller touch surfaces and would like to buy a more handy than the currently available iPhone model.

It is speculated that the smaller version of the apple smartphone could be called the iPhone Minus, so it could be the opposite of the 6 Plus model, although the iPhone Mini seems to be a more likely name.

Source: MacRumors