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A special edition and a competence center for market research

A special edition and a competence center for market research

absatzwirtschaft publishes for the first time a special issue on the subject of “media & research”. Topics are neuromarketing, new types of online surveys or observational market research. In short: questions that market researchers inside and outside of companies are currently dealing with.

The right and left hemispheres of the brain are passé, pilot versus autopilot is the term used today when market researchers try to reach the human brain. The more subjects think, the greater the risk that he will no longer answer from his deepest core. Target group segmentation is also under discussion in this context. New segmentations and target groups are created. Which is valid, which is valid, which is nonsense?

Society is fragmented, but not all segmentation is relevant. What help do the market media studies that have been carried out by the publisher and independently for years offer? The special edition media & research examines the market for new and alternative research approaches and asks which methods market researchers, companies and publishers will give priority to in the future when it comes to what moves people deep inside.

And there is another innovation at absatzwirtschaft: parallel to the publication of the magazine, the new Competence Center Market Research will be launched. At www.absatzwirtschaft.de/mafo you will find the usual dashboard and thus an overview of our offer: news, studies, dates and guest contributions as well as the articles of the print edition for subscribers provide you with information from the field of market research. Access the knowledge articles in the new Competence Center free of charge. They evaluate instruments, explain different methodological approaches and describe trends that the industry is currently discussing.