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  5. A study says that FIFA 13 causes one in ten couple breakups

A study says that FIFA 13 causes one in ten couple breakups

A study says that FIFA 13 causes one in ten couple breakups

EA’s new soccer simulator is present in one in ten couple breakups. This is the surprising conclusion reached by the study prepared by VoucherCodesPro. What do you think of these conclusions?

Of the 1,124 respondents through the portal, 12% mentioned FIFA 13 as one of the causes that may have influenced their breakup. Almost half of that percentage admitted spending more time playing than attending to the needs of their partner. On the other hand, 31% were convinced that the video game had somehow influenced their relationship, changing their mood. There are many players who are stressed due to problems with online ******** and even who are too aware of the end date of the transfer market. And we are not only talking about the male gender, since 13% of ******** addicts are women, according to the survey.

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro.co.uk has stated that like 50 Shades of Gray, EA’s video game has become an obsession and that people he usually sees in him a parenthesis to their lives. Charles thinks that at this moment the players are very affected by what happens in their games. It encourages us to put the games in perspective and take a step back before getting too involved, and that if at some point things get ugly, it is best to start over.

FIFA 13 went on sale last September 27th and quickly reached a significant number of sales. Game lovers responded positively to EA Sports’ bet, which has already managed to reach one million copies, being the best-selling title in several countries. Available for all platforms, coming to Wii U soon.

When we thought that soccer was one of the main causes of bad vibes among couples, we came across this curious survey, the virtual world sneaks into relationships. And you, do you put the FIFA 13 sessions before the needs of your partner?

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