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A third of 51 million customers use mobile applications

A third of 51 million customers use mobile applications

With a market share of more than 35 percent, Nokia branded cell phones are proving to be the most popular, according to Comscore’s “Mobilens” service. According to the company from the field of measuring the digital world, this provides information on the most important trends in the German mobile communications industry in the period from August to November 2009. In addition to the leading mobile phone families and operating systems in Germany, the most popular types of content and activities on mobile devices can also be classified.

According to this, in November 2009 a total of 51 million people aged 13 and over used mobile phones in Germany. More than a third of active German cell phone users still preferred Nokia cell phones as their first device. Second place among the actively used mobile devices in Germany was taken by Sony Ericsson with a market share of 22 percent, followed by Samsung with 15 percent, Motorola with 8.6 percent and Siemens with 5.4 percent.

With a share of 58.5 percent, Nokia’s “Symbian” operating system is still in the lead on the smartphone market. Microsoft took second place with a market share of 18.4 percent, followed by Apple with 15.2 percent, RIM with 6.1 percent and Google with 1.4 percent.

In addition, around 81 percent of German mobile phone customers used their mobile devices to send or receive text messages, which in November 2009 corresponds to an increase of one percentage point over the past three months. Due to the advances in mobile device technology and the wide availability of affordable data tariffs, more and more German cell phone users are now accessing the Internet via cell phones. For example, 31 percent of all German mobile phone customers used an application, 14.8 percent used a browser to access the Internet, and 4.9 percent visited social networks.