Android launchers have always intrigued me. It’s amazing that you can completely change and customize the overall look of your phone’s home screen by installing a third-party launcher. There are many amazing launchers available in the Play Store, several of which offer unique features.

Nova is one of the releases that has received the most affection from Android users. Another is the Action Launcher. Both launchers offer almost similar features, but differ in many ways.

In this post, we will compare Action and Nova Launcher. In the end, you will be familiar with all the great features present in these two great tools.

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Let us begin.

Table of Contents

  • 1 App size
  • 2 Topics
  • 3 Search box
  • 4 Grid and Icon Size
  • 5 Text labels
  • 6 Icon Indicators
  • 7 Unread badges
  • 8 Hidden folders and apps
  • 9 Fast drawer
  • 10 Gestures
  • eleven Folder slide action
  • 12 Blinds
  • 13 Google now
  • 14 Who wins?

App size

The Nova Launcher and the Action Launcher differ greatly in their size. While the Nova Launcher ranges from 5-6MB, the Action Launcher is twice the size, that is, 10-11MB.

Download Nova Launcher

Download Action Launcher


If you have a soft corner for themes, then you will love Action Launcher. Allows you to set automatic and custom home screen colors. In the free version, you can choose between the Material Light or Dark theme only. You cannot customize individual colors.

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But in the paid version, it’s a totally different story. You can customize these themes as much as you want. You can change the color of the status bar, the background of the dock, the background of all applications, etc. You can basically create new themes from these customizations.

That’s not all, Action Launcher offers another theme mode known as Wallpaper in the paid version where the colors of your home screen match the wallpaper. This results in consistent theme colors.

Nova Launcher also comes with a night mode in addition to the usual light mode. However, you cannot customize it as much as the Action Launcher. But it allows you to choose the night mode schedule, which is quite interesting. This is a free feature and does not require Nova Prime.

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Search box

Action Launcher tries to bring all new Android and Pixel launcher features to old devices. Last year, Google moved the search box up and down in the Pixel Launcher. Although both Nova and Action Launcher allow you to customize the position and color of the search box, it seemed to me that the configuration of the Action Launcher was easier. In Nova Action Launcher, search box settings are scattered.

However, Nova Launcher offers you an additional setting to place the search box above or below the dock icons, which is not available in Action Launcher.

But, Action Launcher offers some additional features in the search box. For example, you can add shortcuts to the application in the search box. You can also manually customize the size of the corner of the search box. In both cases, all search box customizations are available in the free version.

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Grid and Icon Size

When it comes to the size of the grid on the home screen and in the app drawer, both apps allow you to customize them for free. But you can’t change the size of the individual icon in any of the free version apps.

Fortunately, Nova Launcher at least provides small icons in the free version, as opposed to the big ugly icons present in Action Launcher.

Text labels

While both apps allow you to disable text labels, Nova Launcher offers additional customization options. You can change the size and color of the labels. This feature is not present in Action Launcher.

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Icon Indicators

With Android 7.1, Google introduced app shortcuts. While both launchers support application shortcuts, Action Launcher makes it easy to identify the applications that support them. This launcher adds an indicator in the lower right corner of applications that are compatible with shortcuts. This is not available in Nova Launcher.

Professional advice: In case you don’t like the app shortcuts, you can disable them in the Action Launcher. To do this, go to Action Launcher Settings> Icon Appearance> App Shortcut Style> Disable.

Unread badges

If there’s one thing that has made me switch from Pixel Launcher to third-party launchers, it’s the no-read badge. Unfortunately, Pixel Launcher only supports notification points and does not count.

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But luckily both launchers support both types of unread badges. However, similarly to the Nova Launcher, unread badges are also paid in the Action Launcher. Why did they do this? I know, right!

Also, in order for the unread badges to work in the Nova Launcher, you will have to download a separate app called TeslaUnread. It offers a wide variety of customization options for badges compared to Action Launcher. Nova Launcher also allows you to change the position of the badges. This is not possible in Action Launcher. Also, both apps allow you to disable badges for individual apps.

Hidden folders and apps

Both launchers allow you to hide apps and create folders in the app drawer. However, it is a paid feature. But on the home screen, you can also create folders in the free version. These launchers also allow you to customize the background color and style of the folders.

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Surprisingly, the method of creating folders in the app drawer is quite annoying in both launchers. While you have to select each application manually to add it to a folder in Nova Launcher, folders can only be created from the Action Launcher settings.

Fast drawer

One of the coolest features that I personally like about Action Launcher is its Quickdrawer. In addition to the main app drawer, you also have a sliding drawer from the left edge. This drawer allows you to quickly access all applications from any screen.

Although Nova Launcher doesn’t have a separate sliding drawer, it allows you to organize apps similarly in your main app drawer.

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Gestures are the heart and soul of any pitcher. Fortunately, the free version of Action Launcher comes with some gestures like swipe down to open notifications, double tap on the home screen, etc. To enjoy the full benefits of gestures, you will have to pay for them.

On the other hand, the gestures are also available in the Nova Launcher. However, all of them are limited to the Nova Prime which is a huge bummer.

Folder slide action

Both launchers come with an interesting folder swipe feature. However, they differ in their behavior, price, and names. In Action Launcher it is called Covers and it is also available in the free version. However, in Nova Launcher, it is simply called “folder swipe” and is available only in the main version.

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Cover is an alternative to hide applications. It allows the user to disguise the entire folder as a single application. When you tap the app icon, the app will open, but when you swipe over the icon, the folder will open. On the other hand, although you can also pass your hand over the keyboard in Nova Launcher, the folder only appears as a normal folder.


If you are a fan of widgets, Action Launcher will seem like a gift from God. Why, you wonder? One word: Shutters. It’s a special feature of Action Launcher that loads the app widget when you swipe the icon. No need to add a widget on your home screen and waste space. The widget will load in a new window.

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Also thanks to the icon indicators, you will know if the application has a widget, which is indicated by a small square on the icon. The shutter function does not exist in the Nova Launcher.

Google now

Action Launcher is one of the few launchers that supports the Google Now feed. However, you will need to install a separate beta application to use the Google Now feed with Action Launcher. Unfortunately, the launcher allows you to use the Google Now feed or the Quickdrawer. You cannot use both. Dammit!

Who wins?

They are both great launchers, if you ask me. While I really like the shutters and quick drawer feature in Action Launcher, I also think Nova Launcher handles unread plates considerably well compared to Action Launcher.


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