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Advice required for Christmas shopping


Advice required for Christmas shopping

German consumers are opting for classics for Christmas gifts this year: books, vouchers and toys top the list of planned gifts. More than half of those surveyed would like personal advice when shopping and will go to retail stores. Almost 42 percent want to purchase their gifts via online shops, and only 6.4 percent prefer catalog orders.

The polling institute Innofact commissioned the survey of around 1,000 people between the ages of 18 and 65 with the company “The Phone House”. The exact figures given for the most frequently mentioned product categories for Christmas shopping are 59.1 percent for books, 53.6 percent for vouchers and 50.4 percent for toys. In addition, CDs and DVDs (46.2 percent), consumer electronics (42.4 percent), and cosmetics and health products (42.4 percent) were among the most popular gifts. More than half of Germans will give presents to five or more people. In relation to 2009, 54.2 percent wanted to spend the same amount on Christmas gifts, just under a quarter (24.5 percent) are planning higher spending. 44 percent would limit the amount of money earmarked for Christmas gifts to 100 to 300 euros.

According to the study, gifts from the entertainment electronics sector are also enjoying great popularity this year. Among those who want to give their family members and friends products from the world of Multimedia & Co., computer games (36.2 percent) are at the top of their shopping lists. MP3 players (31.1 percent) and digital cameras (21.5 percent) are also favorites in the Christmas season. Mobile devices such as laptops and netbooks (18.6 percent) as well as smartphones (17.1 percent) landed on the other places. For the first time this year, more Blu-Ray players (10.8 percent) than DVD players (10.5 percent) could be bought. The 3D trend has not yet caught on, because the purchase of LCD and LED televisions without 3D technology is planned more often than LED and plasma televisions with 3D technology.