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Air China is flying to the top like a rocket

Air China is flying to the top like a rocket

World Brand Lab, an internationally respected rating agency, recently presented the awards to the world’s 500 most influential brands at the 2011 World CEO Annual Conference in Hong Kong. With an estimated brand value of 7.6 billion US dollars, Air China is now in 345th place in the ranking, 38 places higher than in 2010 and is thus the five fastest growing brand on the way to the top, reports the Internet portal wallstreet- on-line.

Air China is the only Chinese airline that is represented in the ranking. At the same time, Air China was awarded the “Chinese Brand Annual Award No. 1 (Aviation) ”for the sixth year in a row and has also received a special distinction with the“ Chinese Culture Brand Award ”.

Air China is China’s only national airline. According to wallstreet-online, it leads the competition in terms of safety in flight operations, quality of service, value creation for shareholders and service to the community.

Because of its commitment to customer focus, Air China appreciates all comments from passengers about their aircraft handling and is doing “everything possible to provide a comfortable travel experience,” the report said.

According to the company’s website, Air China, including its parent companies, owns 393 Airbus and Boeing aircraft and flies to 29 countries and regions worldwide, including 47 cities abroad, 91 cities in China and three regions. Thanks to the cooperation with the Star Alliance airlines, Air China’s network will in future be expanded to 1,160 destination airports in 181 countries.

Air China’s vision is to implement its four strategic goals as a “globally successful airline”: to become a leading international company, to continuously develop its own potential, to offer its passengers first-class and extraordinary travel experiences and to steadily increase profits.

Air China is the only civil aviation company to fly the Chinese national flag and is a member of the Star Alliance – the world’s largest airline association. The company’s brand value occupies the top position among all Chinese air transport companies: The World Brand Laboratory put the value of the company in 2011 at 47.856 billion CNY. Air China also leads its national competitors in air transportation for people and cargo.