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Alexa comes to Amazon tablets, the Amazon Fire 7 and 8 HD

Alexa comes to Amazon tablets, the Amazon Fire 7 and 8 HD

In addition to this novelty, Amazon tablets receive improvements in power and their weight is reduced a little. Actually we are facing an improvement expected for a long time and that is that having Alexa on the company’s tablets is something that could have come before. In any case the improvements are not focused exclusively on this and we find that they are added internal hardware changes That add a plus to the already interesting low-cost tablets from Amazon.

For now we leave you with the specifications and price of the new Fire and we will start for Fire 7 model, which is the smallest and cheapest they have on Amazon.

Regarding the price and availability of The Fire 7 in the case of the 8GB model can be found from 69,99 euros at official price with offers and 84.99 without them. And for him higher capacity model 16 GB we would be talking about 94.99 euros. Regarding the availability of the product in all of them, even the Fire 8 HD is shipping from next June 7.

For the Fire 8 HD model the screen is 8 inches and the rest of the specifications are somewhat more powerful than in the 7 model. These are the data of the new Amazon Fire 8 HD:

In principle this version is somewhat more powerful and we can find it from 109.99 euros with special offers and for 124.99 euros without them in the 16 GB model. Then the price is somewhat more expensive in the model 32 GB reaching 129.99 euros with special offers and 144.99 euros without them. This of the special offers simply means ads and if we choose without special offers we will not have ads from Amazon.