Could there be headphones on the market with many advantages at a low price? In my opinion, yes and I invite you to review them. ladies and gentlemen AlfaWise True Wirelesswhich can be bought for almost nothing in the GearBest online store. Don’t be fooled by a little-known company, everyone started from scratch, from zero to hero, but in this case they are already winners for me!

NSWireless earbuds are becoming a growing phenomenon on the market. Tiring, constantly tangling cables are a thing of the past in favor of advancing technology. Of course, it is not the technology itself that makes the choice of fully wireless headphones much more real. This growing demand by consumers means that more and more manufacturers of these well-known and less popular are taking their first steps in this segment of headphones.

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It can be said that this is also caused by Apple popularizing its proprietary earphones without any wires, of course we are talking about AirPods, which are as popular on the market as kajzers in bakeries. The reference to bread is true only in terms of popularity, otherwise the problem and the difference is the price, which is a huge sum for most consumers. So I started looking for something that will be both fully wireless and will not squeeze the last pennies from my wallet.

Fortunately, after a few months of searching, the GearBest store contacted me – a well-known online store that offered me to test the headphones. Their name will not tell you much – AlfaWise True Wireless, after getting my hands on them I did not know what was going on and I was afraid that what I got would fail me and not meet the expectations I base on them. Imagine my surprise and a smile on my face when I unpacked and started it. But let’s start from the beginning …

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Contents of the package

The headphones come to us packed in a small, aesthetic package, which only contains a picture with our product, the name of the headphones model, and the color version we have previously chosen. At the bottom of the box you will find some information, including the bluetooth version and battery capacity.

Inside the box, we will see two fleas located in an extraordinary way along with a docking station, which is both a charger for the headphones, and a powerbank for our smartphone with a capacity of 2100 mAh.You can see so well, in addition to the headphones, we also get a really handy powerbank, with which we can recharge, for example, our smartphone to it further served as the sound source for our headphones.

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In addition to what I mentioned, at the bottom of the package, there is a standard micro USB cable, which is used to charge the docking stations, as is the case with most devices. As a result, the headphones themselves, which do not have any port for connecting the cable, are also an integral part of the powerbank. This is not all that we will get with the purchase of headphones, there is also an appropriate cover, a case for our music files. It’s rare in this price range, so it’s a big plus and nothing but applause for the approach to the customer.

Pairing and connection

We configure the headphones for the first time by holding a button on one of them and connecting them to our smartphone. At first, I was confused by the fact that I turned on both headphones at the same time and I was surprised by the fact that both the left and right earphones appeared in the bluetooth section of the smartphone. It is enough, however, that we connect no matter which flea, the second one will connect automatically.

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The next time the headphones turn on and connect to the smartphone after removing them from the powerbank, and here it is worth emphasizing and signing with both hands that it works extremely well and each time the headphones did everything for me automatically. Also when it comes to the issue of connectivity and the convenience of pairing, it is extremely good in this respect.

Production quality

Headphones that would stay with me for longer, in addition to the previously mentioned features, which must have important not to spoil from looking and holding them in my hand. AlfaWise did five with a plus and the main material they used in their proprietary musicians was aluminum and rubberized plastic, both when it comes to fleas and the powerbank itself.

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Sure, but wasn’t it on the scales? The best part is not. The headphones themselves are feather light, and I’ve had times when I used them I forgot I had them in my ears which is unheard of with bluetooth headphones that eventually have a built-in battery to make them work wirelessly.

The weight of the powerbank itself, or in other words, the flea docking station is anatomically just as small despite the battery and finishing materials used. On the lower part we find the appropriate ports for connecting the wires, along with the powerbank launch key and four LEDs that show the remaining charge in the docking station.

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Sound quality

Now the most important and most difficult to describe element of any headphone review, which is sound quality. Everyone has different preferences as to how their dream headphones should play, Janusz will say that they have to pound like loudspeakers in his streak, and Halina wants a second philharmonic closed in a small handset. There is only one truth, it will never please everyone. There will always be two sides to the coin.

AlfaWise met my tastes and provided me with everything I expected. The sound is clear and uninterrupted, even at a higher volume level and a set equalizer that slightly boosts the bass and treble, the sound is crystal clear. What is worth emphasizing, the headphones perform brilliantly in any musical genre, when you need to give the desired bass, and when we count on emphasizing other sounds, we get them, simply. And it is beautiful, I do not miss anything in them.

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How do the headphones perform on a daily basis?

In terms of comfort, you have to get used to inserting them in your ear, it’s important to do it at the right angle, and choose the appropriate rubber bands included in the set so that nothing falls out or hurts. After proper training in inserting (!) And choosing the right rubber bands (!), We become masters in our own home and I can assure you that we will enjoy using the headphones without any problems.

Every day, every trip in these headphones makes the music come alive again, you just want to use them, and this is the biggest compliment that can be said and written after I tested dozens of headphones, sometimes several times more expensive, which were lying and dusty.

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A few words at the end

Summing up, I honestly admit that the headphones I received from the Gearbest store are what I have been looking for for months – they are fully wireless, well made, sound outstanding and cost little … about PLN 120, which is a ridiculous amount, because what we get for this price only gives you an idea of ​​how easy it is to overpay and lose money by buying a dozen times more expensive headphones than other companies in which we pay for the company.

AlfaWise headphones are currently available for PLN 99 from GearBest

AlfaWise True wireless review – I swam the sea, I overcame the mountains, I love these headphones!

Benefits Defects
  • Very good workmanship and fitting
  • Convenience of use both in terms of pairing with the device and when worn in the ears
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • A docking station for headphones, which means that the headphones do not fall loose in our pockets and gives fleas energy
  • A docking station that serves as a powerbank, e.g. for our smartphone
  • Sensational price-quality ratio
  • At this price, absolutely no downsides

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