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All promotional codes working in Rocket League 2020

All promotional codes working in Rocket League 2020

Rocket League has gained a lot of attention lately. The gameplay is the same as in soccer, but players control vehicles instead of soccer characters. Fortunately, this game has a multiplayer mode, which allows you to play it with your friends. Rocket League has several accessories that you can use on your vehicle.

However, you must unlock them via purchase, missile passage, or play. Conversely, there is another way to unlock some items. This method suggests using promotional codes in the Rocket League.

Rocket League Promo Codes allow you to get some items for free. However, these codes are active for a certain period. You must use these codes before they become inactive.

If you are looking for the recent Rocket League coupon codes, you have come to the right place. We will share the list of active promotional codes in the Rocket League.

Promotional codes that work in Rocket League

Promotional codes can be used via the “redeem code” option available in the “Extras” section of the “Options” section of the main menu. Below is the list of promotional codes working in the Rocket League.

  1. Popcorn – Redeem this code to get a rocket upgrade limited to popcorn.
  2. RLNITRO- This code unlocks the Nitro Circus Antenna and Breakout: Nitro Circus Decal.

How to Redeem Rocket League Codes

To redeem codes in Rocket League, select “Options”In the main menu. So, go to “Extra“And select”Redeem code“. Codes are released periodically in various Psyonix announcements or hidden in trailers. You can also get them by purchasing some Rocket League products.

To activate the SARPBC code, enter the game and press:

Once these codes have expired, they cannot be used to obtain any rewards. Make sure you use them before they expire. Rocket League Promo Codes are available periodically. So in case you miss these codes, don’t worry, we will keep you updated with other active codes in the future.