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Alleged photos of the iPhone 6 and another concept

Alleged photos of the iPhone 6 and another concept

The closer to the premiere of the next smartphone model from Apple, the more you can learn about it from unofficial sources. The rumors circulating on the web are gaining momentum and, as every year, they fight for which one is closer to the truth and more accurate in speculation. The phenomenon can be said to be normal, so we reveal another report.

It is not the first time that the Chinese microblogging website Weibo, famous for the publication of alleged photos of upcoming Apple devices, participates in their delivery. It also happened this time, and the network has just received photos of the next iPhone 5S under development.

Apparently they were made at the Foxconn factory by an anonymous amateur of this art form. The photos are of poor, even very poor quality, although you can see a handset similar to the one that Internet users recently admired in the published technical drawings. The level of photography, however, does not allow to estimate the size of the screen and compare it with the current solution, and at the same time clearly state the authenticity of these pictures.

Being still in the subject of technical drawings of a smartphone from Apple, which? Leaked? to the network, one should mention a rather interesting concept, which was created on the basis of these sketches. Behind the visualization is once again Martin Hajek, whose works have appeared on the pages of this website many times. The resulting iPhone 6 has a structure similar to the content of many rumors. It is therefore characterized by a larger 4.7-inch screen, almost completely devoid of side frames, a slimmer housing with rounded edges and finished in the back with glass.

Interestingly, only one button is responsible for volume control, as was the case in older versions of this device. The design also includes a physical Home button with a fingerprint reader and a double illuminating diode adjacent to the main camera.
I honestly admit that the concept appears very likely. It is not a far-reaching innovation, but in relation to the current models it looks very realistic.

Source: Nowhereelse, MacRumors