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Always online in the field, even offline

Always online in the field, even offline

TOA Technologies presents a new version of its software with “ETA Direct 4.0”. The provider of the cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for mobile workforce management now enables field staff to use the system offline while on the move and supports them in offering special customer service. The offline mode should guarantee users uninterrupted work even in areas with poor cell phone reception.

Support for team projects and assignments with multiple appointments is new. “With the often complex field service organizations, this is not an easy undertaking,” said Richard Alden, President of TOA Technologies Europe. But now that innovations such as social networking, collaboration tools or advanced browser technologies have been integrated into the product, tools are available to improve the service.

At the same time, ETA Direct 4.0 optimizes processes and saves costs. Mobile employees would have access to this via any internet-enabled mobile device. If network reception is not possible, switch the software automatically to offline mode and reconnect the device as soon as a network is available. Data would be stored in the web browser’s cache.

With an improved real-time dashboard view, users could view dashboard reports based on Google’s visualization technology. In addition, ETA Direct 4.0 processes orders that require several appointments or work steps that can follow one another or run in parallel. Based on the same prognostic capabilities with which individual mobile employees could be controlled, the solution also supports the control of team orders with trigger events and / or parallel work steps. This means that the field service can be controlled more efficiently – from deployment planning to reporting, control and capacity planning to active customer communication. The solution depicts the situation in the field service in real time and combines this with the fastest tool currently available for optimizing deployment planning. This results in both time savings for end customers and an increase in efficiency in service companies.