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Ameca is “the future face of robotics” …

Ameca is “the future face of robotics” …

The humanoid Ameca is capable of making a range of human gestures and facial expressions – it’s so frighteningly real that I’m a little scared!

British robotics company Engineered Arts gave a broader look at its new humanoid robot called Amecawhich will be fully presented next year. However, the announcement itself is as amazing as it is disturbing. Ameca is presented as “the most advanced humanoid robot in the world” and a brief look at this “future face of robotics” suggests that this claim is entirely valid.

Engineering Arts is building Ameca to offer a new platform for robotics technology, aiming to offer an ideal human-like robot for the development of artificial intelligence. Its hardware and software are modular so that customers will be able to use only the head or the arm, for example, depending on the application.

Human expressions are part of the package, designed to enable Ameka to quickly build relationships with everyone, bridging the gap between people and the digital world. The robot is reminiscent of Sophia, a humanoid robot that was granted civil rights by Saudi Arabia in 2017. Sophia answered questions from journalists at a press conference and later appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the first shared videos with Ameci, we see the robot waking up, loosening the joints and looking in amazement at the world around him. The facial expressions and gestures are incredibly natural and at first glance seem more realistic than those of Sophia, although the 40-second video doesn’t say much yet, and is very different from a large press conference or late night TV show.

We should get to know the real capabilities of Ameci when Engineered Arts unveils the robot at CES in Las Vegas in January 2022. In the meantime, try not to panic.

source: New Atlas | Engineered Arts