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An autonomous drone that flies at 70 km / h

An autonomous drone that flies at 70 km / h

Remember when we talked about the 15 technologies that can change wars (and our lives)? Well, some are from the United States Department of Defense, specifically the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), like this autonomous drone that flies at 70 km / h as top speed. Undoubtedly, an interesting advance that, on the other hand, will also like companies like Amazon, which intends to distribute packages with these ‘flying devices’.

With several sensors, about which they have not spoken in the advance of the program they are carrying out, the DARPA autonomous drone It is capable of recognizing objects and obstacles and modifying its flight path based on them. Obviously, at the moment the movements are not particularly smooth, but the truth is that they allow you to fly perfectly, without the control of an operator, at an interesting speed. Now, where this drone reaches the 70 km / h It is not in its autonomous mode.

The maximum speed of the drone is 45 mph, about 72 km / h, but it is reduced in autonomous mode to avoid obstacles

A lightweight and strong construction for fast flights

At the moment these are the first real flight tests, but the project aims to develop this type of technology to improve unmanned flights and the transport. Transport, obviously, of goods of very limited weight and volume, but which will be more than enough to carry a first aid kit, for example, where rescue teams cannot access as quickly and easily as a drone.

In this project, they are working, as they explain, on improving artificial intelligence and the technical capabilities of drones and other types of unmanned aerial vehicles, and at the moment the maximum speed is just over 70 km / h without changing the speed. trajectory, although it is inevitably reduced in direction changes and, on the other hand, falls far behind when the drone has to deal with different obstacles.

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