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Analog control for Lair on the go

Analog control for Lair on the go

Flying on dragons and fighting for the homeland: it’s all possible in the game Lair. Yet Lair did not leave too strong an impression, as witnessed by our critical review. In particular, the game’s controls, which rely entirely on the tilt function of the Sixaxis controller, left a lot to be desired.

For people who really like the concept of Lair, or gamers who accidentally made it to the game, there is good news to report. Developer Factor 5 will soon come up with a patch, so that Lair can also be played with the analog control. Whether this will lift the game to a sufficient level is impossible to say, but there is a good chance that it will improve.

In addition, the patch also provides a targeting icon and rumble support for the DualShock 3 controller. Lair owners can also count on some other downloads, such as new themes and two new dragons: the Wind Dragon and the Poison Dragon.

The new content will be released in Japan on April 17, and the rest of the world is expected to receive the content on the same date.

In Lair you take a seat on the back of a dragon. Then it is important to take down enemy dragons. You can do that by firing fireballs, but you can also ‘enter’ the other dragon. You cast your mace, pull yourself up to the dragon and while you fight the driver and the beast itself from his back, your own dragon picks you up again moments later. You can also land, for example, to roast an army with your hot breath. Lair shows beautiful images and also offers gigantic game worlds and an interesting gameplay.

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Lair has been released for the PlayStation 3.