And it continues with the discoveries of new functions in the first beta of Android Q, which has been available for all three Pixel generations since last night. Lost the overview with all the new articles on Android Q? An overview of all articles published so far on the latest Android version can be found directly under this link.

Android Q gets desktop mode

The discovery of a desktop mode in the first beta of Android Q is not entirely surprising. However, Google has hidden the desktop mode pretty well, so that it can only be activated in a cumbersome way. The effort is hardly worth it, however, because the desktop mode doesn’t offer much at the moment.

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Compared to the desktop modes from Samsung and Huawei, Google still has a lot of work to do – if you want to offer a similar range of functions. The following screenshot from the XDA-Developers shows what the desktop mode currently looks like. You can also find instructions on how to start desktop mode using an ADB command from the XDA devs.

Finally, faster sharing menu comes with Android Q!

It continues with a major vulnerability in Stock Android – the share menu. On stock Android, the share menu is a bit of a disaster, to say the least. The loading times in particular are disproportionately high. Fortunately, that will change with Android Q.

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The share menu has been completely redesigned by Google and is now much faster. At 9To5Google, the loading time is halved. For this purpose, Google has specially developed a new API, which functions fundamentally different from the “old” Direct Share API. You can read in detail here what changes in the background.

File manager gets a new coat of paint with Android Q.

And last but not least, Google has also taken on the integrated file manager. Among other things, this has been given a fresh coat of paint. At the same time, the user-friendliness has been increased with new filters. On Android Q, the file manager should look like this:

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