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Annoying friends on social media

Annoying friends on social media

Maintaining contacts on the social web does not always run smoothly – on the contrary. At the top address for online friendships, Facebook, of all places, most users complain about their own circle of friends. Women in particular are often annoyed by individual members in their personal Internet communities, as the online voucher provider “Eversave” shows. According to the US media, the company examined the influence of relationships in social networks on deals and web shopping and found that most users were clearly dissatisfied with their own friends.

Ironically, the most common complaint made by Facebook users about their friends is their persistent complaints. Those who constantly complain about problems on the platform make themselves unpopular with the Freundeskreis. A supposedly perfect life is just as reluctant to see on Facebook. Proud mothers, for example, strain their own friendships with permanent status updates about their model children. In addition, users do not like the habit of some Facebook users to impose their personal political opinion on their online acquaintances without being asked.

In the opinion of most users, not every detail has to be made an issue on the social web. According to Eversave, around 85 percent of Facebook users complain of annoying friends in the community. Too much activity and high spirits when using the “Like” button contribute to this. However, this does not detract from the enthusiasm for the platform. The appreciation of the interactive advantages that Facebook offers when it comes to maintaining virtual contacts is too great. In addition, users usually shy away from “becoming friends”. Rather, they ignore their friends’ little faux pas. pte