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Anonymous private chats appeared on ASKfm


Anonymous private chats appeared on ASKfm

In June, the ASKfm platform celebrated its 11th anniversary. During this time, the application has gained 348 million users worldwide. 600 million questions are asked on the platform every month.

Anonymous private chats will soon appear on the face-to-face social network. Previously, only group anonymous chats were available, which quickly gained popularity.

Previously, only discussion questions and answers were available. Now anyone can chat.

It will be very easy to start a private chat: just open your friends list and go to the profile of the user you want to write to. You will see a new “Chat” button that you need to click to start chatting.

The chat will be available only to you and your interlocutor. In the process, you can reveal yourself and disable anonymity. If someone sends you a private message, it will appear in your inbox with a special note.

We have paid the utmost attention to the security of personal communication with anonymous users. All content in private chats will be verified by our artificial intelligence security system to verify that it complies with the platform’s rules, and messages that violate them will be removed immediately.

Unfortunately, you can start a chat only if you have a VIP ASKfm subscription.

The VIP subscription includes 6 other unique bonuses:

Updated Profile Design Bonus Coins Promotional Account Promotion VIP Status Secrets – Create Closed Replies & Earn Coins Total No Ads

Anyone can reply to private incoming messages in unlimited quantity.

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