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Another alleged diagram of the iPhone X Edition

Another alleged diagram of the iPhone X Edition

Another, alleged scheme of the new iPhone X Edition with a Touch ID sensor on the screen and a frameless display has appeared on the web.

On one of the Chinese portals, more diagrams of the allegedly new iPhone X Edition (iPhone 8) appeared again. The graphics show a smartphone with minimal bezels, a virtual Home button integrated into the touchscreen, presumably OLED, which would cover the entire front of the iPhone.

Since the middle of last year, we have been able to see over a dozen interesting diagrams and concepts of the new iPhone, which clearly indicate that the new iPhone could have such a look and physical functions. Some of these leaks confirm each other, while others suggest the complete opposite, which could mean no one really knows what to expect from the new iPhone – but there’s some grain of truth in every rumor.

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The latest rumors show a schematic drawing of a next-generation iPhone dubbed “iPhone X” that may be 137.54 mm high and 67.45 mm wide, with no indication of the hardware thickness in this diagram. The diagram, however, suggests that the iPhone 8 display diagonal will be 5.768 inches, which means the device would belong to larger mobile devices.

What coincides with previous leaks and speculation is the dominance of the display with a small 4mm border around the outer edge of the hardware, with more than 50 percent being covered by curved glass. The Touch ID (Home) button also appears on the display in the exact same place as the current physical button on iPhones.

If the shared diagrams and graphics have anything to do with the real iPhone, it would seem that Apple has developed a way to embed any sensors under the display, so we do not see them … The graphics also suggest that the new iOS 11 operating system would have a status bar above e.g. . player, which leads to the belief that this concept has been slightly colored.

As usual, when the premiere of the new iPhone approaches, we have to deal with a lot of information that should be taken with a pinch of salt – perhaps some of the features presented on the web will confirm the real features of the new Apple smartphone? Unfortunately, we will find out only in the fall …

source: Redmond Pie – New iPhone 8 Schematics Leak Shows In-Screen Touch-ID And Bezel-Less Display