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Another estimate on the production of the iPhone 6

Another estimate on the production of the iPhone 6

Already less than two months separate us from the premiere of the sixth generation smartphone from Apple, so it is not surprising that the hot atmosphere that arose around this device on the web is not surprising. There is not a day without new reports and speculations related to the upcoming iPhone, or as it is said more and more often its two views.

In addition to rumors closely related to the possible appearance of the smartphone, information on the subject of its production is also published. Mass production has started, there are production problems, these are just a few headlines from technology websites. This time, however, the subject of the contract that Apple was supposed to place with subcontractors was included in the list.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Californian company requested between 70 and 80 million iPhone 6s for the holiday season this year. Such a large number is to meet the market demand and counteract the problems that in recent years were associated with quickly depleting warehouse stocks. In total, 120 million devices are to be manufactured by the end of the year.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the larger of the iPhone models will also be available for sale before Christmas, contrary to earlier rumors. As a reminder, the debut of the 5.5-inch screen was to be postponed to next year. Such information was provided a few weeks ago by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that the larger iPhone encountered problems at the production stage related to the display and the sapphire glass that protects it, as well as the metal casing. Earlier it was suggested that the reason for the delay is the battery of this device.

We will find out in a few months whether Apple will really treat us with two versions of its smartphone at the same time.

Source: The Wall Street Journal