K.Apple Card credit card available from August this year.

Bloomber announced, citing its sources linked to Apple, that a credit card from the company will be available in the first half of August this year. To obtain it, you will need to have at least iOS 12.4 installed. It will only be available in the US at first. Apple started cooperation with the Goldman Sachs bank to create Apple Card. A few days ago, the company also registered the Apple Card mark in Poland. It is likely that the company will offer this credit card in our country at a later time.

“The card must contain a complete, accurate list of all payments made and the places where they were made. They are also meant to be categorized so that they are easier to browse through. Importantly, this data will be kept on the device and not on Apple’s servers. As part of the Apple Card, the Daily Cash loyalty program is also to operate, under which a certain part of the amount spent will be returned to the user card every day. When paying with Apple Pay, the refund will be 2% of the total. For Apple services and products, the reimbursement will be 3%. “

Apple Card credit card available from August this year.


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