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Apple could offer a new 4-inch iPhone in 2015

Apple could offer a new 4-inch iPhone in 2015

Speaking of unlikely rumors, would Apple ever again offer a 4-inch iPhone to its users?

Apple’s rumor mill is very extensive and, in most cases, very inaccurate. That is why we always try to select only the one that may be of interest or that has a sufficient degree of reliability to be considered news. In this case, we bring you a rumor that is quite improbable and whose reliability is not too high, however it is very useful to open a debate on an interesting topic: Will Apple ever come back at 4 inches?

As is the case with most rumors of this type, it comes from Apple’s supply chains in China, which are not characterized by having too broad knowledge of the apple company’s future plans. As our headline reads, the rumor suggests that Apple could launch a new 4-inch iPhone in 2015, thus offering 3 different screen sizes to its users.

The idea behind this decision, as pointed out from the source, is that a significant part of the female public would be leaving aside the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for having too large a screen size. The idea itself is not triggered, because I myself have met girls who are not too convinced by the format of the new iPhone.

The rumor does not provide any information on whether this supposed new 4-inch iPhone would have a completely new design or would it be an adaptation of the current iPhone 6. Of course, it would be necessary to look at the real statistics to see if the female audience has truly decreased with the new iPhone 6 in relation to previous versions, but there is no doubt that these models are being the best sellers of the history of terminal apple.

Continuing the unlikely rumors: Apple could launch an iPhone 6s in June

This is not the first improbable rumor we have heard this week, but there is an even more crazy rumor that suggests that Apple could change its launch strategy for 2015. In this way, we would have a new iPhone 6s in June and a completely new model – supposedly the iPhone 7 – in October.

As we see in Cult of Mac, both rumors come from unidentified “supposed Chinese production chains”, something that in 90% of cases end up being mere inventions that have been fortunate to leak all the way to the media.

What do you guys think?