P.o we heard about Powerbeats Pro on the internet for the first time a few weeks ago and we didn’t have to wait long for Apple’s answer – the headphones appeared on the manufacturer’s website.

The headphones are equipped with the latest Apple H1 chip, which allows you to use the “Hey Siri” function (yes, it is exactly the same chip that the new AirPods have). The next generation of Powerbeats headphones has been stripped of cables, and has been called “docked AirPods” on the network ?.

The premiere in the USA is scheduled for May this year, so they will come to Poland in the fall (unless Apple surprises us and we get them in summer). How Much Do “Better AirPods” Cost? Exactly PLN 1,129.00. Is that a lot? Is it not enough? I do not know, I leave the evaluation to you.

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The headphones are available in four colors and are intended mainly for athletes, because their shape makes them stick to the ear better. Below you can watch the video presenting the latest product:


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