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ART T-19 case – an elegant pocket for a tablet at a decent price

ART T-19 case – an elegant pocket for a tablet at a decent price

Accessories dedicated to specific devices are, in practice, their owner quite a specific and recurring topic.
We like to surround ourselves with an assortment and accessories that are compatible with the equipment we use every day.
However, many of these acquired items over time become an unnecessary burden for shelves that bend under the weight of the goods accumulated over the years.
We change not only the equipment, but also compatible accessories with it, also in terms of different habits in using your favorite gadgets.

Considering that usually all add-ons cease to be compatible with the next hardware purchase, and this often happens in the case of the Apple brand, it is worth looking for something that does not burden the private wallet too much, and at the same time equates to a sufficiently good performance.

Such accessories can be found in the assortment of the Polish brand ART, which in its portfolio, apart from universal chargers or styluses, also has holders for portable gadgets and dedicated cases.

The entire range of the company’s products is characterized by universal use and affordable price while maintaining relatively good (taking into account low-cost production) quality of workmanship.

Appearance and first impressions

For editorial tests, the ART T-19 case came from Krakow, which can be described as a minimalist pocket adapted to the storage of devices equipped with 10-inch screens.
They are made of leather-like material, carefully hemmed on the edges, which gives the impression of a solid work, resistant to long-term use.

The manufacturer offers three color variants of this product: black, white and brown.
In my opinion, however, the last one looks best, because of which the business elegance speaks for itself.

In the case, however, we will not find any additional compartments to put a cable or even a compatible charger, but this product is by nature intended for other purposes, those less touristic, and focusing mainly on securing private equipment.

The inside of the case is lined with a delicate material, so you do not have to worry about scratches during transport, although at this point I will allow myself to pay attention.

A gadget in practice

The ART T-19 case was tested with the iPad, which, despite the good fit of this accessory, simply liked to slip out of it in the world.
Therefore, there is no element protecting the equipment against such unwanted behavior.

Maybe some tape would be useful to hold the equipment and at the same time make it easier to remove it from the inside of the case?


This is basically the only disadvantage of this accessory, and the price of less than PLN 30 for the performance significantly exceeding the level of Asian products, is a tempting proposition.
What’s more, the versatility of this case will certainly protect another tablet model from Apple, which is important from the user’s point of view.

Owners of smaller devices, those with a diagonal of 7 inches, can also count on a similar solution, which is a dedicated model of this case, marked as T-18.

– elegant design
– low price

– no element securing the device against slipping