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Audi Aicon, the autonomous alternative of the German with 800 km of autonomy


Audi Aicon, the autonomous alternative of the German with 800 km of autonomy

The automotive sector is living one of his most exciting moments that are remembered. And it is that everything indicates that in the near future it will be the cars that drive; they will let the passengers settle in and enjoy the ride. In this sense, the German Audi has wanted to contribute its grain of sand and has taken advantage of the Frankfurt Motor Show to present its Audi Aicon.

This futuristic and very sporty vehicle has an interior space for 4 people. What’s more, all the usual elements have been discarded in these cases: steering wheel, pedals, belts and any obstacles that reduce space. The Audi Aicon is a luxury ‘robot taxi’. That is, the elements with which it is built are of the highest quality. Also, to make it more impressive, its wheels are fitted on 26-inch diameter rims.

The first thing that stands out is that it is a sports car but with 4 doors. In this way, passengers are assured a much easier entry. Once inside, a myriad of sensors will turn everything on; the Audi Aicon will welcome its occupants. Taking a look around, all the elements are missing. However, the passenger will have different cavities to leave any object, in addition to having very comfortable and ergonomic seats. In the center console we will have a multi-touch screen where leisure and communication will be concentrated; The future of driving is to enjoy the journeys in a different way.

Meanwhile, in the more technical part, the Audi Aicon has four electric motors. Together they offer a power of 260 kW (translated would be 353.6 CV of force). To this is added a 550 Nm torque. Therefore, even if it is only electric, the feeling of push will be really impressive. Also, according to the company itself, the vehicle can maintain cruises at a constant speed of 130 km / h. Now, one fact that cannot be escaped is that this vehicle has the highest level of autonomous driving: level 5.

It is also interesting to tell you that its storage space – yes, exactly, its trunk – is divided into two parts: a front and a rear. The total of this space is 660 liters. Perhaps the most striking thing about the project is the autonomy of the Audi Aicon. On a single charge it is capable of reaching between 700-800 kilometers travel. An induction charging system will be available (no cables) and an 800 volt charging system could reach 80% of the charge in 30 minutes. Of course, don’t expect a price or a release date; this is just a concept. Now, it gives us clues as to how the sector and the companies are all focused on an electric and autonomous system.