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Automating the production of the iPhone 6

Automating the production of the iPhone 6

Every year, Apple struggles with the problem of the rapidly depleting inventory of this device on the occasion of the iPhone market launch. The demand for them is so great that the production does not keep up with the production of a sufficient number of items and thus meeting the needs of buyers.

This year, however, it may change, due to the latest reports on the Foxconn factory, taking over the majority of orders for the production of iPhone 6. According to IT Home, the CEO of the Chinese factory announced the use of specialized robots, called Foxbots, in the manufacturing process. Automation is to significantly accelerate the emergence of an apple smartphone and translate into an improvement in the efficiency of production capacities. Only one of the 10,000 devices purchased is to be able to assemble up to 30,000 iPhones per year, which, as you can easily calculate, can bring 300 million pieces of touch gadgets within 12 months.

The use of Foxbots is not only an acceleration of production, but also a response to accusations that the prevailing social conditions in the Chinese factory are unworthy of a human being. Some time ago, reports of the suicides of Foxconn employees who had not been able to cope with the harsh conditions on the site appeared on the web. In part, automation is expected to improve the situation by taking the strain off workers and easing the production process.

Foxconn will pay from 20,000 to 25,000 dollars for one robot, the company has also invested in human resources, employing an additional 100,000 new employees on production lines.

Source: AppleInsider