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Batman: 10 actors who could play the Dark Knight

Batman: 10 actors who could play the Dark Knight

For many, the role of Batman played by Christian Bale is insurmountable, but over the years there have been many actors who have played the superhero, even some who have later taken such important roles in DC cinema as the from Batman himself.

We have compiled some of those actors who at some point could be Batman. We show you below.

Wes bentley

A case that we already told you in GameClub is that of Wes Bentley, Christopher Nolan himself thought of him to play Batman in Batman v Superman, but finally the studio decided to give the role to Ben Affleck.

Josh brolin

Josh Brolin could be Batman as indicated by Cheatsheet. The actor himself confirmed that he was close to embodying the dark knight in Batman v Superman, but at the same time defends the choice of Ben Afffleck and has shown his support on several occasions.

Johnny depp

The actor known worldwide for being Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean could take over from Michael Keaton as Batman, as Cheatsheet collects again. What would Depp’s career have been like if he had been known as Batman instead of pirate Jack Sparrow?

Clint eastwood

As we told you some time ago, the Hughes brothers had in mind to adapt Frank Miller’s novel, “The Dark Knight Returns” and their idea was to present a Batman of retirement age, so Clint Eastwood was the actor in the they had thought to play the part. As is evident that project was abandoned.

Ryan gosling

In Unleashthefanboy they collected the information that Ryan Gosling was able to turn down the role of Batman for having to make multiple films in the same role. Later Ben Affleck was the one who took the role of the new Batman.

Henry cavill

Yes, the one who plays Superman sounded for some time like a possible actor to play Bruce Wayne, but as you can read in Bustle, later fate would lead to another important role as a superhero.

Asthon Kutcher

The actor who today has been crowned with Two and a Half Men could be Batman as can be seen in Imdb, but apparently his comic side did not quite convince him to enter the role of Bruce Wayne and therefore did not happen the casting

Bill murray

Cheatsheet offers us another actor who could be Batman, the famous Ghostbusters actor could play a superhero in the film directed by Tim Burton. Do you think I would have met the demands of the role?

Jake gyllenhaal

The curious thing about this new case that Cheatsheet collects us is that Jake Gyllenhaal has not only been close to being Batman, he could also play Spiderman. Without a doubt it seems that playing superheroes was not going to be his thing.

Josh harnett

From Theguardian they report that the actor did not want to be Nolan’s Batman, since he did not want to pigeonhole himself in that role as happens to so many actors who play superheroes in the world of cinema.