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Batman: 7 Dark Knight Movies That Were Never Released

Batman: 7 Dark Knight Movies That Were Never Released

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Dark Knight are the perfect examples, each in their different creative lines, that adapting Batman to the big screen can be a real success. Even Joel Schumacher’s version has gone down in history, although this is only the case due to the poor quality of its footage.

However, history could have seen many more Batman movies, as Gizmodo tells us in an interesting report, in which he compiles 7 films (plus a bonus) of the Crusader with the Cloak that were never shot or released, due to problems production or simply being absurd.

Adam West’s Batman

The 1960s version of Batman was a tremendously successful series that nonetheless took away a lot of credibility from the character. This contributed to the fact that, despite Adama West himself having written a script for a possible film, no studio accepted it.

Batman in Outer Space

CBS planned a film in which the Dark Knight accompanied Superman on a space adventure to continue the success of his new animated series, but DC considered it too radical.

The batman

The three recognizable faces that you see in this image were going to be the protagonists of the adaptation that Michael Uslan was going to make of Batman, with a much darker tone. Bill Murray would play the protagonist, Eddie Murphy as Robin, and teacher David Bowie would bring the Joker to life. The project was scrapped, but Uslan teamed up with Tim Burton ten years later, and the rest is history.

Batman Unchained

Near the premiere of Batman & Robin, Warner Bros. began to think about a new installment, in which Harley Quinn and the Scarecrow team up to enter Batman in Arkham. The arrival of the aforementioned film ruled out the project to continue, and made us miss the opportunity to see Nicolas Cage in the role of Scarecrow.

Batman Darknight

This version, much more gloomy, put the Scarecrow as the warden of the Arkham Psychiatric Hospital, and a terrifying Man-Bat as the main antagonist of the film. For unknown reasons, it was discarded.

Batman: Year One

Darren Aronofsky wanted to propose a project in which the origin of Batman was explained during a time when Bruce Wayne was trying to find himself, something that we have seen in Batman Begins. However, the adult rating and the fact that the Dark Knight barely appeared settled the idea.

Batman V Superman: Asylum

In 2002, a script raised the idea that at Bruce Wayne’s wedding, the joker murders the bride, antagonizing the future husband with Superman and making them fight, later discovering that it was a Lex Luthor plan. The premise was scrapped as “stupid,” and fourteen years later, we have Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Did someone say Martha?

Batman: The Musical

In 1987, a tireless Adam West brought to Broadway a musical project about Batman, which included lyrics and melodies in a Metal tone, very much in keeping with the time. Unfortunately, DC got in the way of the project and canceled it.