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  5. Beauty Week of Boticário brings discounts and participation of Gil do Vigor

Beauty Week of Boticário brings discounts and participation of Gil do Vigor

Beauty Week of Boticário brings discounts and participation of Gil do Vigor

Abril’s female director reveals the impact of modern women on advertising

The women of the new generation are truly the children of the great sociodemographic changes of recent times. If today they already have great purchasing power, in the coming years they should occupy many of the main leadership positions in the country. Advertisers, media and agencies must prepare for these transformations. To raise the bar on this issue, BestyGame interviewed, with exclusivity, the superintendent director of the Women’s Center of Abril, Brenda Fukuda. Check out the best excerpts from the interview below:

BestyGame – What is the impact of modern women on media and advertising?

Brenda Fukuda – Women are the most important emerging market in the world, especially in Brazil, as we are champions in the consumption of several products, including perfumes, deodorants, hair care products, among others. In the particular case of Brazil, it has a trajectory of great achievements. So providing content for this woman is very challenging and very rich for us.

BestyGame – There is a public debate about the sexist content of advertising. Do you agree with this and think the approach should change in the coming years?

Brenda Fukuda – When companies realize the consumption power of certain population categories, the stories change. This happened with the C class, which became a powerhouse as consumption and started to demand more attention and even product reformulation. With women, I think it has also started to be like that, but we still have a way to go in this direction. Companies are beginning to understand that women are big buyers of products, not just beauty products. Not to mention their importance as influencers in the purchase of absolutely everything, from the car to the education of their children. And this path of maturation will be very natural.

BestyGame – Do you think that the media and advertising in general hit this key a lot of “soap opera and recipe for women” and “soccer and cars for men”?

Brenda Fukuda – This has changed. Just look at the contents of our publications. We even have reflections about women’s careers and how to balance professional and personal life. I think these things have changed a lot and tend to change even more.

BestyGame – How does Editora Abril position itself as the media to understand the behavior of modern women?

Brenda Fukuda – Abril has the Women’s Center, which has 20 publications, including Claudia and Nova, which together account for 54% of the market in the segment and three large portals aimed at women, one of which is M de Mulher, the largest in the country, and that already accumulates 22 million unique visits per month. In addition, we carry out numerous events and initiatives. We also have a female behavior research center called Habla. Habla gave rise to the Conte com Elas project, which brings the Mulher Forum, an event that will feature debates on the future of women in the labor market and will have full editorial support, in addition to sponsorship.

BestyGame – Can you take stock of Editora Abril’s publications aimed at this female universe?

Brenda Fukuda – They are doing very well. Our mission is to make quality content for women, mainly from classes A, B and C. And we are trying to serve these women with more targeted publications. So, every time we notice a change in female behavior, we not only change our publications, we release others. This is the case, for example, of Revista Lola, which was created for the executive woman, and which has already achieved a lot in her career. And magazines continue to fulfill their role of serving women and creating content that interests them.

Renato Rogenski