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Better customer understanding through shopper marketing


Better customer understanding through shopper marketing

Shopper Marketing focuses on the customer in his holistic role as consumer and buyer. The market research and consulting company Plan + Impuls specializes in this discipline and has developed a study that shows the importance of shopper marketing in manufacturing and trading companies. There is no uniform understanding of this new marketing trend, but most of the almost 200 respondents consider it important. The practical implementation in the company is still at the beginning.

According to the study, 79 percent of those surveyed see shopper marketing as a topic of long-term importance – this assessment is shared by manufacturers and retailers alike. 23 percent named Ferrero as a pioneer among manufacturers, followed by Procter & Gamble and Nestlé. This was justified primarily with the long-term experience of these branded goods manufacturers with the topic and with the fact that they carried out shopper studies themselves and derived retailer-specific strategies from them. In retail, dm drugstore is a clear pioneer (16 percent), followed by Rewe and Real. The reason given by dm and Real is the “good data basis” based on the loyalty card. The presence of a dedicated shopper marketing department speaks for Rewe.

Although, according to information from Plan + Impuls, 73 percent of the companies (manufacturers: 74 percent, retailers: 70 percent) are already dealing with shopper marketing, the internal and external implementation is usually still at the beginning: 56 percent have a shopper marketing philosophy and in 53 percent the organizational prerequisites for this had been created, yet only 29 percent of those surveyed already used shopper marketing in their day-to-day business. From the perspective of the study participants, the greatest benefit lies in a holistic understanding of the shoppers (55 percent), an improved target group approach (35 percent) and a more targeted use of funds (21 percent). Problems are currently seen with the internal implementation, especially on the manufacturer side (19 percent). 17 percent of retailers feared that shopper marketing would lead to the point of sale being flooded with measures.

“Retailers and manufacturers view the topic from different perspectives,” says Alexander Ehrl, Managing Director at Plan + Impuls, commenting on the results of the study. While the stronger focus of marketing on the shopper is more of a new topic for manufacturers, retail has always focused on this. In shopper marketing, both perspectives, i.e. consumer and shopper know-how, would have to be linked to form a cross-departmental activity that integrates marketing, category management, trade marketing and sales. The majority of those questioned also agree with this. The topic of shopper marketing will have a strong influence on market development and improve the relationship between manufacturers and retailers.