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Bixi adds gesture controls to any device

Bixi adds gesture controls to any device

We could stay here for hours to list the countless moments in which it is not possible to touch the smartphone or some remote control because the conditions of our hands do not allow it: when we cook, when we have gloves, when our hands are dirty with color (this only applies for the more artistic) and so on.

Yet, in all these moments we happen to have to interact with the device: to change songs, turn up the volume, scroll a web page and much more: in all these cases, we are sure that you would be happy to have Pay handy.

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Bixi is a small device to fundraise on Kickstarter which allows you to interact with any device through gesture, without the need to touch anything: you can move forward by sliding your hand in front of the song, raise the volume by lifting the palm and so on. Bixi is compatible not only with Android and iOS smartphones, but also with many other devices, including Apple TV, Sonos, Nest and much more.

This cool little accessory is currently available for purchase on Kickstarter for al cost of $ 69: shipments should begin in March, when it will officially go on sale at the final price of $ 79. You can find more information and buy Bixi on the Kickstarter page, while below you can find the presentation video.