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“Blocks” is the free game of the week on the App Store

“Blocks” is the free game of the week on the App Store

A puzzle game of the Polish developer called “blocks” is available for download on iOS for free for a week, as part of the Free App of The Week.

Recently, a lot of Polish accents have appeared in the App Store, starting with the addition Polish currency instead of the euro to special sections: Poland’s favorite apps & games and Great Polish games. Now, in the weekly section of the Free App of the Week, a great puzzle game entitled “Blocks” of Polish artist Maciej Targoni.

The mobile game “blocks” will be available for download on the iPhone and iPad from the App Store free of charge until next Thursday, which means that you will not have to pay the standard price of PLN 4.99 for it.

Last year I wrote about this title: Klocki – Polish pictorial puzzle game

The Polish-sounding game “blocks” is a relaxing puzzle game with minimalist graphics and simple rules. The game was created by the already mentioned Maciej Targoni, who is also the creator of the popular mobile puzzle entitled Hook. The blocks use a geometric gameplay style in which players have to connect many lines arranged on figures and solids. Thanks to this combination, it is a great training for our spatial orientation.

The game is accompanied by relaxing music and sounds prepared by Wojciech Wasiak. If you feel like a pleasant and relaxing gameplay, it is worth downloading this title from the App Store or the Google Play store right now.

Check out the video below to see what to expect from this title:

The “blocks” can be downloaded free of charge until Thursday on iOS, and for Android devices it costs only PLN 2.99, so it’s worth trying it now:

Great Polish games section in the App Store:

The free game of the week “blocks” is also one of the titles that Apple has placed in the section great Polish games in the App Store. Below is a graphic with a full list of distinguished Polish titles, including (if the games are paid, I have given their prices in parentheses):

Full of Stars (ArsThanea), Sky Force Reloaded (Infinite Dreams Inc.), Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator (Gambitious Digital Entertainment, PLN 8.99), This War of Mine (11 bit sttudios SA, PLN 69.99), SCRAP (Woodland Games Sp. Z oo, PLN 13.99), Crush Your Enemies! (Gambitious Digital Entertainment, PLN 18.99), 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure (Robot Gentleman Sp. Z oo, PLN 8.99), Battle Skylands: Island Alliance (BAAD Games Stidio), Real Boxing 2 ROCKY (Vivid Games SA), Castle Revenge (Incuvo), HOOK (Maciej Targoni, 4, PLN 99), Highway Gateway: Police Chase Car Racing Game (Vivid Games SA).

source: App Store