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Blood Knights – The full game of GameStar 2017/07

Blood Knights – The full game of GameStar 2017/07

Vampire hack’n’slash-ARPG, fooled by platformer elements in a gothic robe? We’ll show you what the full GameStar game for July knows.

The Bleck Knights, developed under the care of Kalypso Media, were developed by the same Deck 13, who then made Lords of the Fallen, who set off on the Dark Souls line, and this year’s The Surge.

According to the story of the game, humans and vampires are at war with each other, which comes to a serious turning point when even the greatest hero of human armies is bitten. Jeremy’s fate is then intertwined with Alysa’s, and from then on they fight shoulder to shoulder with the beautiful vampire miss to defeat Cain, who wants to destroy the worlds of both of them.

Whoever comes in more of the hack’n’slash genre can push the story with melee Jeremy, but if you prefer twin-stick shooters, Alysa is the right choice. The best fun, however, is clearly the local cooperative mode of doing out with other friends in the afterlife. Okay, obviously this isn’t the most serious RPG on the market, it won’t be mentioned among the inaudible masterpieces, but it will still cause a couple of pleasant hours for fans of the hack’n’slash genre, mostly thanks to coop hunting. And anyway, as a complete GameStar game, everything is much more enjoyable, it’s the magic of our aura.

To activate the game, you need an internet connection, the code is redeemed as usual: You search for the code in the magazine and then redeem it for the given page number on the GameStar Plus page. By clicking on “Activate” under the “Full Game” menu item, the code will be displayed, which can be copied from here and then pasted into the corresponding field of the “Product Activation on Steam” menu item in the “Games” menu item within Steam.

You can find the 2017/07 issue of GameStar at newsagents from Friday.

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