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Book online visits in the Moment.pl application

Book online visits in the Moment.pl application

The Moment.pl mobile application allows you to book visits to hairdressing salons, beauty salons and SPAs, and even to a dietician, physiotherapist or tattoo artist.

Moment.pl made its online debut a few months ago. For such a short time, it gained immense popularity. So far, nearly 1,000 showcases of hairdressing salons, beauty salons and spas from all over Poland have been placed in it. It is willingly used by people who like to quickly make an appointment in a selected salon without the need for telephone contact. The best confirmation of the website’s success are hundreds of comments left under the business cards, which can be added only after the visit.

In April, Moment.pl was awarded the “Innovation LNE” title at the 35th International LNE Cosmetology Fair in Krakow. Currently Versum i Moment.pl they handle a total of 1.5 million bookings per month!

Recently, the Moment.pl application is also available in a version adapted to the needs of mobile users. This is the only solution that fully synchronizes with the most popular VERSUM software on the market, intended for showrooms. Thanks to this, you can make reservations fully automatically in real time directly from your smartphone. Thanks to the mobile application, booking visits is even easier and faster. Finding the best hairdresser, beautician or spa in your area takes only a moment, and an appointment only takes a few seconds.

All stores using Moment.pl are rated by customers through reliable comments that can only be left by people who have used the services of a specific company. On their basis, a list of the top places in the city is created.

Intuitive search of salons and offices in the application

Using the Moment.pl application is very easy and intuitive. The search engine in the application will quickly indicate the best places in your city depending on the type of service selected. You can also search by the specific name of the company or salon where you want to make an appointment.

In a few simple steps we have access to a list of the best salons in the area. In the first place, the places that have the best opinion among customers are displayed.

The most popular categories of services include: hairdresser, beautician, nails, hair removal, aesthetic medicine, SPA and massage.

How to make an appointment (e.g. to a hairdresser) using the application?

The business card of each salon includes a short description and offer (e.g. men’s haircut that interests me the most) along with a price list. To make an appointment, just click on the desired service. The application allows you to choose a convenient date, as well as decide which of the salon employees is to provide the service.

Online reservations made by customers are automatically synchronized with the salon schedule. Making appointments to salons has never been so easy. If you want to change the date or cancel your visit, again – just a few clicks.

The most important functions of the Moment.pl application:

Moment.pl is an application created by programmers from Versum – the market leader in software for the hair & beauty industry, which is already used by over 14,000 professionals on a daily basis.

Moment.pl is a portal extending the functionality of Versum. Users managing the company can use this software to gain customers via Moment.pl. Thus, clients gained access to a huge, reliable base of service providers from the hair & beuty industry.

You can download the Moment.pl application for free for Android smartphones and tablets from the Google Play Store and for iPhone and iPad from the App Store or by going to the website: moment.pl/aplikacja-mobilna. Using the application and booking visits is also free:

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