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Borderlands 2 – Captain Scarlett DLC

Borderlands 2 – Captain Scarlett DLC

Last Tuesday all fans of Borderlands 2 were completely surprised by the early release of the last class of the game, the Mechromancer. The content was previously only expected for tomorrow (October 16), but 2K decided to release the class with the tough chick Gaige already. What we have to wait until tomorrow is the new DLC, called Captain Scarlett and the Pirate’s Booty. We got to play the DLC for a few hours last Friday and this DLC takes us to the city of Oasis and the wasteland around it.

Your new BFF

Discussing DLC ​​is always difficult, because the decision to bring in extra content depends on your own opinion of the original anyway. Because the Captain Scarlett DLC doesn’t do anything new, of course. It brings a new area, with new hilarious characters, a new hub and a new vehicle. That vehicle is important, because as the name of the DLC suggests, it’s all about pirates and everything related to them. The Sandshift is the vehicle that guides you across the raging seas. Not that there is any water, as Captain Scarlett’s seas are a sandy wasteland that the vehicle hovers over.

Arriving in the new town of Oasis; where you first have to kill the pirates present, you immediately notice that the city is empty. All there is to find are a number of dolls and one hilarious character. Shade – Your new BFF – is the only resident and desperately looking for friends! The only friends he has now are dolls, which he himself provides with a voice. All very funny and that is the power of Borderlands 2 anyway. Don’t expect more depth in terms of story than in the original, because it is mainly the road to get there that is important. Later that way you will also come across Captain Scarlett – Will absolutely stab you in the back – who sends you on a search for missing compass parts to eventually find a secret treasure.

Gaige the Mecromancer

With approximately 10 hours of new content, there is more to experience for fans than ever in the game. The Machromance class can be compared most with the Commando, because just like Axton, Gaige has the Mechromancer the ability to call for help. Not from a turret, but from a real robot, which bears the name Deathtrap.

Because I got a level 50 character under my buttons, I can’t describe the way there, but it is certain that a fully leveled Deathtrap offers a lot of help. Her other skills mainly focus on the use of electricity. For example, my Mechromancer released a power surge when reloading weapons. Very useful if you are being attacked.


The hub Oasis could have been a bit fuller in my opinion, but I understand 2K’s choice to only populate the city with dolls and one friendless character. That is very funny. The new map is large and has several areas and villages where missions can be found everywhere. That you will spend more than ten hours with the DLC is great for 800 Microsoft Points or € 9.99 via PSN. Do not expect revolutionary innovations, but above all more areas, more content and above all, more humor. And I think that’s why you’re playing Borderlands 2.