K.There is never too much of a competitive subject, especially in technology industries. Mobile speakers, which we also call portable, are mainly devices aimed at people who actively spend their day outdoors. However, such devices are also very good at home, especially when they have a lot of power to offer. For years, such speakers have been working dynamically in the privacy of my home, which, when turned on, turn a quiet place into a concert hall full of sounds. Whenever I have the opportunity to test new products in the subject of these devices, I look at what the equipment can do and what it has to offer with a smile on my face. One of the best speakers from Bose – Soundlink Color ii hit my hands.

The contents of the sales package

The equipment comes to us packed in a standard, small package. The set includes a standard speaker charging cable and that’s all, we don’t really need more to be happy.

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Along with the speaker, we also get a free program available for IOS and Android devices – Bose Connect. The application is clear and minimalistic, when we have more than one of the barefoot devices, we will find them there. The application is also used to find lost Bose headphones that have this option.

Workmanship and quality Bose SoundLink Color II

The loudspeaker is made entirely of rubber, which makes it comfortable to hold in your hand, especially in winter when other loudspeakers made of, for example, aluminum are simply cold and it is unpleasant to transport them. Rubber, like rubber, is a material that is much more resistant to any drops or scratches.

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After taking the loudspeaker in your hand, the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is really nice made, and the control buttons on the top make you want to click it – it may sound strange, but I love the pitch of the keys that Bose used in his speaker, each press has an immediate response.

The weight of Soundlink Color ii is 540 grams, in my opinion it is not a lot, even optimal, but I heard the voice of a person close to me that it is “heavy” on female hands.

Battery life, waterproof

The built-in battery allows you to play music for about 8 hours, and the state of charge is told in the native language of the Lady, who has a slightly irritating voice, but what counts is the desire! On the upper part you will also find LEDs informing about the battery charge status.

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It is worth adding that the speaker in question is waterproof, it is confirmed by the IPX4 certificate, but I emphasize that it is not suitable for complete soaking in water, it will survive less extreme conditions, such as splashes from splashing water. However, all this waterproofing should be treated with a grain of salt, it is not known if water accidentally gets into a place where it should not get.

The quality of the reproduced sound

How does such an orange friend play? I will answer that it sounds great, and even better than amazing. The speaker is not big so I didn’t expect it to show a claw, but it did, and its fangs made me whine positively!

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The sound is crystal clear and the bass is well emphasized. The volume is also at a very good level and at the maximum level there are no problems with distorting or losing details from the songs. I can stick to the fact that at a critically low volume level, the device produced unpleasant distortions. Personally, I often use mobile speakers to watch movies in bed from my laptop or phone, and so far I have never been more satisfied with anything like Bose SoundLink Color II – the sound is spatial, and the effects and bass add spice.

A few words at the end

To sum up, Bose SoundLink ii is a good proposition for everyone looking for a loudspeaker in the range up to about PLN 600. The equipment offers sensational sound, strong and juicy bass, as well as a nice finish with a soft-to-the-touch rubber.

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The Bose company proves to me again that it is still one of the leading and best companies producing audio equipment. It is available on the market in several color versions, which in the photos look different than in reality, so you should see them in the store before buying.

Bose SoundLink Color II review – a legendary company and its interesting proposition for mobile gaming

Benefits Defects
  • rubber finish
  • sound quality
  • convenient function keys
  • ease of pairing
  • possibility of connecting two bluetooth devices at the same time
  • annoying Polish voice when starting the speaker
  • “contractual” watertightness

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