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Broadband is going to revolutionize even more in Spain

Broadband is going to revolutionize even more in Spain

2016 is presented as a year of changes in the telecommunications sector. Operators are preparing to undertake major changes in their commercial offer that include new speeds and new policies for the use of connections. Here we explain all the details.

After the consolidation of operators last year the market prepares for new changes with a simple goal, increase income and above all pay the bill for football rights. Movistar, Orange and Vodafone they will have to negotiate with Mediapro the rights of the next seasons of the Professional Football League and the bill will be expensive. The Catalan producer aspires to earn a significant capital gain after disburse 1.9 billion euros for the package that includes 8 matches of the First Division exclusively in the third selection and all the matches of the Copa SM El Rey de Pago.

As ADSLZone has learned, all companies will have a balanced football offer that will represent a new increase in monthly bill paid by subscribers. Sources in the sector assure that sports rights have caused a situation similar to that experienced with the subsidy of the terminals and that is that they are basically not sustainable with current prices. The difference is that football is essential for convergence while the subsidy of mobile phones was dispensable in a market where the sale of free books grew every quarter.

Rises in sight

Little by little we have seen how all the operators have risen between 2 and 5 euros all their offers, small modifications in concepts such as the line fee, call establishment, convergent package, etc. that in the end are noticed at the end of the month. The bad news is that this trend will continue and new increases will arrive in the coming months. The third and fourth quarters are marked in the calendar of the main telecos to undertake new increases to compensate for the high bill for football rights.

New speeds and policies

Last December 28 we published an innocent that was not so much and is that in reality on the table of several companies is the possibility of offering cheaper broadband packages with download limits. Although they will be very punctual offers and in no case is the possibility that replace current flat rates the reality is that they will arrive in Spain as has happened in other countries. For example, Movistar Chile offers 150 Mbps with fiber optics with a traffic limitation of 500 GB. Other telcos are testing similar limits to offer users the ability to pay based on consumption.

All these changes will be accompanied by new speeds, and in 2016 fiber optics will continue to accelerate and we will see connections of 400 or 500 megabits. In short, important changes in a sector that needs to increase revenues to pay the bulky bill for sports rights. The question is, are the rights of football clubs worth that much?