Pokémon GO it is an unparalleled success, but the interest of the players is waning: Niantic he knows this, and studies new solutions to keep it running. One of these, discovered in the app code, could allow you to collect candy for a specific pokémon simply by taking it “for a walk”.

In fact, if you think about how difficult it is to capture more specimens of certain pokémon to get useful candies a enhance it or make it evolve, you will immediately realize how important this news is for those who want to create a strong team to be deployed in gyms.

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This function will allow you to choose a pokémon (buddy in the code strings) and take it for a walk in the virtual map of the game, in a similar way (visually) to what was seen at the time of Pokémon Yellow with Pikachu or in some later chapters of the games.




During the “walk”, the pokémon cannot be exchanged or used in battles in the gyms, which suggests that once selected, there is some constraint (temporal or spatial) before being able to return it to the pokéball. If introduced, which pokémon would you take for a walk to upgrade them first?

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