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Cannibalistic Babies in New Trailer PROTOTYPE


Cannibalistic Babies in New Trailer PROTOTYPE

It’s time to harness those superpowers and wreak havoc in the latest trailer for PROTOTYPE, a free-roaming action game from developer Radical Entertainment. It is clear that the developer is actually radical, because when there are cannibalistic babies in a trailer, there is no longer any doubt about this.

In Prototype there are huge numbers of people on the street, there is a lot of detail in the environments and there is a special protagonist. This main character goes through life as Alex Mercer, a genetically modified hero who can climb skyscrapers on the outside and cut opponents in half with one slash. He desperately needs those abilities when a mutation virus breaks out in the heart of New York and a war ensues between the mutants and the military. Alex is officially a failed experiment, but that means that in everyday life he can be anyone by taking the DNA of others (and killing those people with it). You can influence your environments and use (military) vehicles against everything and everyone.

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PROTOTYPE will be released June 12 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.