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Capcom and Konami Are Joining Forces?

Capcom and Konami Are Joining Forces?

Major US financial site Bloomberg has published an article stating that a merger between some major Japanese publishers is not unlikely. Following Namco’s recent merger with Bandai, Capcom now claims that Capcom is the prime candidate for an acquisition. The company is in financial trouble, partly because the millions of sellers, except for Resident Evil 4, have been absent lately. The most logical candidates are SEGA/Sammy and Konami.

Capcom itself denies that there are any plans for a merger, but Konami has stated that it is certainly interested in a merger, partly due to the somewhat unstable situation that Konami also finds itself in.

    “Rising costs and falling profit margins will speed up consolidation in the industry. Buying companies with know-how and infrastructure for online businesses would make a lot of sense for us.”

Konami has been busy acquiring companies lately. Recently, Bomberman developer Hudson Soft was bought, and Konami took stakes in toy manufacturer Takara and game developer Genki. Whether Capcom will become Konami’s new purchase will be revealed in the future.